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Not to Impeach is Racist

by Art Hyland

Bush at press conference

If there is one thread that weaves throughout the conservative landscape it is this: if Barack Hussein Obama were a Republican, impeachment proceedings would have been seriously considered long ago, and the general mass media would have been providing the grist for it.

Here’s the argument that seems the most common illustration:

If George W. Bush had decided to issue congress-be-damned executive orders or agency authorization decisions concerning such major areas as immigration, health care, guns, minimum wage, wind farms, global warming, presidential records, natural gas, government travel expenses, establishing bureaucracies, Libya, abortion, pursue accession to the U.N. Law of the Sea Convention, Benghazi – – and this is just a

Media feeding frenzy

Media feeding frenzy

sampling – – he would have been vilified and criticized ad nauseam until Congress acted, which ultimately means by impeachment proceedings.

The conventional wisdom against Obama’s impeachment is due to a generally-projected political result: the Senate would not convict so therefore House impeachment is a waste of time. And if it’s a waste of time, then the media will excoriate a Republican House for initiating impeachment while ignoring vastly more important congressional business. These considered projections appear to trump all Republican rationale to proceed.

But all that’s a convenient excuse. The real reason the Beltway is against impeachment is because President Obama is Black (well, close enough anyway). Impeachment – – a Republican House condemnation of America’s first Black president – – is therefore out of the question. You just can’t do that no matter what Obama may have done as president.

Of Course You Can, and You Must

The articles of impeachment in connection with Richard Nixon included the following in Article 2:


Hillary’s friend

“He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.”

It would be difficult to differentiate between this Nixon impeachment article from one that could be drafted for Obama. This charge was indeed serious enough to indict Nixon. And since none other than Hillary Rodham helped draft the Nixon impeachment articles, this area of impeachment concern has been vetted by the most intelligent woman on earth according to Democrats, who should know.

So what is different this time around?

1. Nixon lied or obfuscated about his involvement in any attempt to obtain confidential tax information, or that he knew in advance anything about a break-in of a Democratic party office.

2. Nixon was Caucasian.

1. Obama lied or obfuscated about IRS targeting, Affordable Care Act provisions, Benghazi, Fast and Furious gun running, and an assortment of others.

2. Obama is Black.

He’s Not Black, He’s President

Obama and umbrella copy

President Obama
likes the military

For too many decades we have been taught to think in terms of identified classes (race, gender, poor, rich) rather than as Americans. Barack Obama epitomized this view and perfected its evangelism during his only apparent professional work experience, – – community organizing. What is community organizing other than agitating groups of people to act and think in terms of victimhood of some sort? He seems to think of himself as Black and then on down the list maybe American; that he zoomed into the presidency before even he thought he was seriously ready for anything so prime-time may have finally caused him to accept the moniker of American, but still probably not the first description he would give to himself. This line of discussion could certainly be the grist for an entire book I suppose, but let’s get back to the notion at hand.

He truly is not a salesman for America despite occupying the highest office in the land. He is an outsider who grew up in America part-time in his formative years. From his associations and friends, his books, his academic history, his work experience, and his long-time pastor to his rise to political power, he has been fighting against his community organized definition of America. His statement that “… we are days away from fundamentally transforming” the United States was one of his more honest campaign promises. You can’t get more fundamental than by disregarding or violating the Constitution.

He’s as White as Washington

For the House not to impeach this president, not to hold him accountable to publicly debate the degree to which this president may have violated his oath of office is a racist-only decision given the parallels between the actions of Presidents Obama and Nixon, or Obama and Clinton.

Because to not impeach is to not hold Barack Obama to the standards to which all previous presidents have been and must be held.

To not hold Barack Obama to this standard is to accede to the unstated constraint that to do so would appear to be racist, when indeed to NOT do so is the racist act. We HAVE to treat him like anyone else or we’re guilty racists ourselves. He would have it no other way, he being Obama the constitutional lawyer that he’s claimed to be.

The House has to impeach Obama if it is to avoid being called racist to the core. Why wouldn’t they wish to treat Obama with the same reverence and import as any Caucasian president with regard to his activities as president unless they are simply unwilling to do so because he’s Black?

Ok, already, we get the point

But do you?

Would Impeachment Charges Hold Up?

In reality, whether or not impeachment charges are legally meritorious, the House can and will do what it desires. Legal arguments for or against the merits of articles of impeachment are mooted by the sense of the times in which they occur. If it sounds serious enough to the general population, as it did in the case of Nixon and Clinton, the House decides to proceed. What did he know and when did he know it was a question created during the Nixon impeachment investigation. Lady JusticeIt never had to be determined one way or the other because once the question was broadcast to the public by a wolf pack media, they filled the air with public doubts about him, emotion carried the day, and Nixon resigned knowing he was doomed.

There’s little doubt of the seriousness of the charges, which are required for a liberal media  regardless of the merits; in this golden age of emotion-reporting dominance practiced and perfected by Democrats and their fawning media, that’s all that should matter. If Republicans simply alter the manner in which they present impeachment charges from rational, legal adjectives to emotional ones, Americans will respond to it. Because unlike Obama’s beliefs, Americans are indeed color blind, just like the sculpted statue of Lady Justice.  Just as she is objective, folks all need to look past Obama’s color and judge him by his actions.

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