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Dreams From Our Fathers: Obama Resigns

By Art Hyland

Although wars have produced marvelous inventions by which to win battles, technical, mechanical and human progress expands exponentially when given the freedoms brought about by the maintenance of peace through strength. Peace provides this success only when it is felt to be reasonably long in expected duration.  Although tyranny can also produce peace and prosperity, the absence of tyranny combined with the freedoms inherent in the American experiment of a democratic republic have given the world its first glimpse of long-term, true human success and happiness.  The years since World War II have seen incredible human progress during a time of governments backing off from their total control of economies in war-time while the mostly unbridled freedom of private capital created abundant goods and services a free market wondrously demanded.  The current White House resident has proven he’s willingly ignorant of this history.

For over 65 years, America has kept the world essentially at peace allowing its (and the world’s) inhabitants to pursue astonishing things all because of America’s military dominance. Important and tragic losses of American soldiers in many areas of the world enforced world tranquility by proving our resolve to fight tyrannies almost no matter where they arose. Our assumed task as de facto guarantor of world stability came with the requirement of risking and losing some of our best and bravest in order to prevent a larger world holocaust from forming.

But all this is changing with our Agitator as president. Not that Obama is a war monger. Instead, he and his disciples are systematically transforming the United States into a fiscal basket case, a real paper tiger this time, which fact is leading to an insecure world highly vulnerable to unstable, war-inducing madness. He and his party’s misguided and deliberate fiscal policies are what’s causing a Roman-like decline of America, and the indirect excuse by which the world is returning to a powder keg.

Rome was not subdued until it became a financial (and cultural) disaster. He’s doing his best in the cultural area too, that’s another story, but in the end, that’s just another major contributor to a financial decline.

Because of economic weakness America cannot project at will its military power with naval and armed forces in strategic locations like it used to do; the resulting vacuum is producing a growing reaction by foreign militant forces eager and willing to take advantage of our reticence. This is all so obvious, it is inconceivable it hasn’t been directly planned by this administration and its consultants visible and invisible.

The left-wing media, still dominant in the United States, is a puzzle to say the least. They ought to possess every motivation to encourage both an economically strong nation in and about which to cover and live, as well as a militarily strong nation to protect their behinds from annihilation (as well as their jet-set vacation spots). Yet, they have become so enamored of a black man in the White House that he can do anything he wants regardless of the potential or actual consequences.

One of our ambassadors and three Americans killed in an attack? Next question. Quietly applaud spending one and one half trillion dollars of deficits each year in office while never demanding a budget out of his party’s Senate? Nothing to see here–assault rifles and poster children not killed by them are more important. Vacationing like there is no tomorrow while the nation is unemployed? If you’re CBS, you forget there are any issues facing the country at all. Wouldn’t want to agitate the Agitator in Chief.

It’s pathetic. It’s American suicide in the making, and no one in the leftist media cares a wit except for short-term, meaningless attention to second-level issues. It’s how to cover the nation’s important problems by following a formula for producing music videos.

No wonder the low information voters have grown into an electoral plurality: not only have their attention spans been destroyed, but they have been taught to believe they understand issues in-depth in mere fractions of a second, and via slick headline lies. Furthermore, they are encouraged to tell their Facebook friends of their suddenly acquired knowledge. It’s not just dumbing down information, it’s turning a populace into satisfied morons.

All of the above has culminated within the space of just 4 to 6 years during which constitutional conservatives were demonized as perpetrators of evil, while the white knights of progressives were there to enlighten and save victims everywhere. It’s a fantasy developed and embraced by a philosophy of control at any cost.

This is a fight between good and evil. Period. If enough Americans don’t learn to understand the seriousness of this stage of their existence, the world its last two generations have blissfully enjoyed will disappear during the lifetimes of their heirs.

‘Dreams from my father,’ my ass, Mr. President.  Resign quickly, take your pension before that disappears too, fade into your endless golf games to obscurity, and take that excuse for a vice president with you, please.   You wouldn’t really want him to follow you, we know that.  We’ve got young generations now and to be born who need to experience and protect the joys of constitutional freedoms your father or mother never understood, and you never learned to appreciate.  Be gone, Satan.

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