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Boehner: It’s time for Impeachment or Resignation

by Art Hyland

The headline is a statement to, not a quote from Boehner, but it was worth the deception to make the point.

President Obama has been given so much slack by an enabling Washington D.C. media, that Obama is now hanging onto the rope to avoid falling into the abyss. The fawning media who placed all their political bets on his success, is unwilling to admit publicly (and perhaps even privately) what they know in their brains but unwilling to let their heart in on:   Obama is and always was a phony.

He’s a phony who has deceived, lied and broken his solemn oath taken when he swore to uphold the Constitution. But for his followers to accept these facts is to accept what many conservatives predicted from the beginning; and that thought also keeps them from acknowledging the obvious.

The official process of Impeachment must be initiated immediately.

We, you, have no other choice.

Democrats who have blindly and whole-heartedly supported this president have no choice either. They quickly labeled and accepted as partisan, charges by conservatives regarding issues such as Benghazi, IRS targeting, Fast and Furious gun running, Executive Orders altering existing law, secret Iranian deals, labeling Muslim terrorism as workplace violence, routinely using Air Force One as a campaign asset; each transgression is clearly a violation in its own right, but when added together make for an astounding consistency of impeachable evidence. It has all been hidden in plain sight.

Impeachment is simply the only rational action, with resignation a better alternative for the good of the nation.

So, John Boehner, Speaker of the House, the body responsible for initiating Impeachment proceedings: When are you going to take your responsibility for this nation as gravely as it requires?

You’ve got the position, the knowledge, the stature, the history and the evidence to bring this nation back to a serious state, one where laws, not men, rule. One where the people are at the top of the pyramid, as the Constitution so purposely states, created by the men and women who started this nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

It’s way past time to not worry about the clichés the words of the Pledge of Allegience or Constitution have become; words matter; they always matter. They still matter. Forget the cliché part and listen to the words of our forefathers (and those who died to preserve them) as absolutes. We’ve kidded ourselves long enough.

We know a President Biden is almost a nether world concept, but he would be fleeting; our nation is strong enough to withstand a laughable but at least law-abiding successor, on the way toward electing a conservative leader and patriot as president, and a conservative congress.

You’re a leader, Mr. Speaker.  Act like one.

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