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World Spins Out of Control

By Larry Leonard

WaPost:  How Bill earned $104.9 million in speeches since leaving the White House.

June 28, 2014 —  That’s nothing.  In Pakistan (land of the Paks) a young girl married a 30 year old man her family considers to be from a lower-class tribe, so the family said they wanted to support the match and asked for a meeting.  When the young couple walked in, the father tied the couple up and slit their throats.

The government will not prosecute.

We have given the Pakistanis billions in foreign aid.

I wonder where Bill is going to hide his millions.  Things are getting crazy out there.

The Chinese are planning on sending a probe to Mars to search for signs of life, even ancient ones. Their motive?  Everything in a communist system is political.  Perhaps they believe the big one that lays there beneath all such journeys — discovery of life beyond Earth will shatter the world’s largest religion, which is Christianity. Dictators dislike other objects of worship.upside down

Saudi Arabia is considering deporting every resident who is not native to that country.   Border agents here are testing positive for diseases we really don’t need to import.  The surge of illegals is doing it — just as we recently predicted in these pages. Obama is going to ignore House Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit and just go on writing laws in the Rose Garden, in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.

France’s new tax laws are clearing the capital out of that nation.

As the Earth whirls along in its course, people who are too young to have outlived their time are looking around with puzzled faces at the meteor shower of strange events that are raining like  chunks from the skies and one wonders how historians are going to make sense of it all.  The pace of change has changed.  It’s like standing between the Earps and the Clantons at the O.K. Corral and trying to write a report for each detonation.

One minute, we’ve helped the Iraqis get a constitutional government and the next a terrorist you never heard of suddenly has most of the nation on their knees, bending down to be decapitated.  Borders seem meaningless, allies wonder if we’ll help when the time comes, the tides of war sweep this way and that as though the planet had five moons turning the vast currents this way and, seemingly at the whim of the mass hovering nearest at the moment.

My suggestion is that the world is a driverless vehicle, and the complexity of the forces at work is such that prediction is impossible.  Something is going to explode somewhere soon, and that will cause a cohesive sway which will lead to a world nobody would have predicted.

It all resembles the land of the Queen of Hearts, down the rabbit hole.

The mid-term elections, to me, cry out for some stability, although I honestly wonder if we can wait till fall for some help.


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