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Women May Save America

By Larry Leonard

During the 20th Century, most American women were Democrats. That means “liberals.” Something is changing, there.

I have wondered for decades why they supported liberalism. I attributed it to their feelings of compassion, but that seemed odd to me for one very large reason. Affirmative Action. I could not, and still cannot, understand why white American women would vote for a political party which instigated a range of policies which treated with favoritism everybody but their own sons.

Here’s just one example. The Hispanic Education Myth

Read it, then reflect on the text. Ask yourself why white mothers would do that to their own children. Are you a white mother? Do you think your children should be forced to sit in the back of the bus?

However, watching the rise of the Tea Parties, I have noticed that women are playing a frontline part of that game. They are up front in the demonstrations, up front as guests on the FOX programs and up front as candidates across America.

Female candidates for state offices, female candidates for federal House and Senate seats — females running for everything from the local town council to national offices — nearly all of them from and supported by the folks who share the Tea Party tent.

The Democrats say that this is a great danger to the nation — that we must not go back. We must go forward. This is why liberals call themselves “progressives.” The word means “progress.”

The question, of course, is progress to what?

But, a better question is what do these Tea Party women want to “go back” to? That one, I can answer. They want to go back to the U.S. Constitution. And, that is exactly where America should go.

No more “special rights” for some Americans. No more “affirmative action” for some Americans. Equal rights for all Americans. You make it or not based on your effort, your skill or intelligence level and your luck. Same chance for everybody.

That’s the kind of “progress” America needs right now. And, it looks like the people who in the name of compassion supported the American shift toward socialism have awakened to their mistake, and may have become the people who will save this nation from a looming compassionate slavery.

It’s an amazing thing to watch.


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