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Will You Vote For Your Own Demise?

By Larry Leonard

NBC Orders Hillary Clinton Miniseries starring Diane Lane…

4 in 5 U.S. adults face near-poverty, no work…

WASHINGTON (AP)—Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of the their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

July 28, 2013 —  Bush the Second’s lowest unemployment number was under four percent.  His highest was about six.  Half as many Americans were on food stamps back then.  Currently, the teen unemployment number among blacks in the larger towns and cities (particularly in the northern half of the nation) is at 40%.  Half or better of those young blacks don’t graduate from high school.  Of those who do, lots of them still can’t read at levels you would expect from a third grader.

Rap entertainers whose lyrics celebrate black whores and killing cops, and whose songs include ten or twenty appearances of the term “nigger” have been guests at the White House.  The half-white, half Hispanic, Zimmerman, was the target of rhetoric that could have been dropped into a Jim Crow Era KKK meeting in Louisiana — or Oregon, for that matter, since those people during the early 20th Century controlled political nominations for the Democrats in this state.

The Black Congressional Caucus has in tone and tenor departed from the noble text of Martin Luther King to the language of those racists of those days.  Continuation of the race industry is their only purpose.  They sound like massas, themselves, and by their words and actions have become proponents of a new Jim Crow where they are enslaving their own people in urban ghettos.  The cities they control are welfare plantations infested with political corruption, gangs and daily black on black theft, rape and slaughter.

So, where do we go from here?

Read the two Drudge links at the top.  Obama’s Summer of Recovery is using borrowed Chinese Communist money to practice its fascist crony capitalism to prop up their corporate pals’ stock values and they continue to dump billions into costly green sectors which nine out of ten times go broke in a few years.  The majority of America’s large corporations which do not finance liberals in elections are being buried under a tax and regulatory burden that is choking the life out of them.  Smaller businesses are reducing the classical 40 hour work seek to 30 so as to get under the Obama Health Care minimum whose cost per worker will drive most of them out of business.  That is costing so many living wage jobs that the Obama “economic recovery” on the average month is producing employment number “increases” that don’t match replacement needs let alone the jobs that will be needed in the future.

And your nation’s schools are junk.  They teach your children what to think instead of how to think.  A college education costs a multiple of what it did just ten years back, and the economy isn’t producing the jobs to employ them.  Socialized medicine is such a mess that the administration has given arbitrary free passes, bypasses, get out of jail card exceptions to a legion of political supporters.  It has even postponed activation of parts of the bill until next year because the intricacies of the procedure cannot be made active in time to meed the deadlines involved.  Those portions relating to the people, however, have not been given relief.  They want you registered, on the government files.

The road is downhill from here

We’ve killed more than 50,000 innocent babies since the Supreme Court made it legal.  The fathers of those children had nothing to say about it.  Parents have equal rights?  Tell that to the fathers of those children.

Hollywood produces cartoon films full of hate for capitalism, patriotism and Christians, and full of laudatory praise for trash traditional America types, and terrorist sects.  The big television network programming has content trashing the ethics and traditional values that created freedom on the planet and  defended it with the blood of our sons and even a few women of late.  The nation that saved the world twice is now considered a joke abroad.   And Hillary Clinton is going to be celebrated in a mini-series?  When will the movie celebrating Obama be made?

Black Panthers in military garb threaten people at voting locations, guns denied to American citizens for their own protection are sold to Mexican drug lords (and border guards executed with them), the president apologizes to Islamic kings for America’s past sins, the Internal Revenue Service is used to suppress the political rights of the Tea Parties, once-legendary communities like Detroit are brought to their knees, millions have given up even trying to find work, our children are encouraged to become whores and crime thugs, the majority of our citizens are on some kind of welfare, tin pot dictators are flourishing all over the world.  We are being told we cannot eat the food we want, cannot in public practice our religion, cannot buy the cars we want, cannot celebrate patriotism and cannot stand against tyranny on the planet.

I am old, now.  I spat on the liberals who spat on our soldiers returning from Vietnam.  I called socialists those who cried “Power to the People” when I realized they were actually demonstrating for power over the people. I wrote against the injustice when they tried to force Christian organizations, even businesses, to participate in abortion and hire atheists in their book stores.  I wept when my only child was aborted (murdered) by its mother and I was given no chance to defend it.

Symbols are more powerful than real things.  The lionization of Hillary Clinton is part of the groundwork for 2016.  Obama’s present charges of false accusations against him (dead diplomats in the Middle East, dead guards on the southern border, dead babies in Planned Parenthood abortion mills, dead black youth in our cities and the death of capitalism) are part of the tactics he is using to re-take the U.S. House in 2014.  If he succeeds,  your descendants will be serfs, and a majority of you will have created the mess with your own ignorant votes.

This kind of revolution is a creeping one.  Your nation is a frog sitting in a pot of water, and is being boiled without being aware of it.  Those who are slowly killing you have smiles on their faces.  They say they want the best for you.

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