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Why Those in Charge of Truth Can’t Tell It

Media hard-pressed to tell truth on shrinking economy…1 in 6 Men Between Ages 25-54 Not Working…

May 30, 2014 — I told my sister that something she had read in the Oregonian was incorrect, and that the Oregonian knew it was false. She said, “But it’s in the paper. They couldn’t print it if it’s not true.”

There, in a two-sentence nutshell, is an explanation for decades of American voters.  For people who hate owing money, yet re-elect the same politicians. For people who say, “My kid is attending Harvard.” Or the University of Oregon. They’re pretty much identical in their outlook on things. Read: not worthy of the money they receive from people directly or indirectly through taxpayer-funded grants. That has to do with an affection they have for this guy:                          and this guy:


Lenin and the new Karl Marx.

You can tell Obama is the new Karl Marx by his actions. With him, everything is political — and that was a saying Marx preached all his life.  It’s why socialism/communism/progressive ideology is such a failure. (Never works.) Motive determines focus. You need specific kinds of motive to hit a double eagle in golf, versus inventing the light bulb. The personality is involved. What people love comes into play. Obama ran on fixing the Veteran’s Administration. He accomplished nothing because his motive was political victory, not providing great health care for veterans.

It’s as simple as that. A chess master must be passionate about chess, not chess as a tool for political victory.

Politics is an empty word. It means nothing important. When you take out the politics and make the passion great health care, you have the private health care system we’ve had for years — which with its flaws is the best on the planet. Obamacare is about political victory, and is junk.

The big media in America are now political tools. If the truth gets in the way of political victory, it is ignored or twisted into a lie, which will serve political victory for the Marxists. Now you know what my sister doesn’t. If you read it in the paper it may be true or it may be false. If the item appears in a paper or on a network dedicated to the political victory of a Marxist, since political victory trumps truth with them, you may be reading or watching hogwash.

That is why the country is economically barely crawling along. Collectivist, unionized economies freeze growth and new ideas, suck up capital for new ventures and generate negative rewards for extra effort. Profit is the candy bar for being a good kid at the doctor’s office. No profit, no special effort.

Motive, again.

Most of America’s big media outlets are unaware that the nation with the highest numbers of millionaires is the best place for a poor man to finance a pet idea and become rich, himself. The real world operates exactly the reverse of what they think. When they write what they think, which is what Marx thought, you come to believe and so vote incorrectly.

As an aside, here, if you elect Hillary, learn how to cook possum meat. Road kill will be the only meat in America.  I don’t think the nation can survive her after Obama.Hillary


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