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Who Won the First District?

By Larry Leonard

Jan. 30, 2011

It’s impossible to tell at this writing, which is on the 30th of January. This is/was a special election to replace David Wu from Oregon’s First District. (To fill his vacated seat for a year.) We know this: the Democrat, Suzy Something, was endorsed by the Oregonian and all the other Portland newspapers of record, the Astoria paper and most of the valley papers from the suburbs.

All the oddsmakers were picking Suzy by big numbers.

So, if this election turns/turned out as predicted, all the liberals will be describing it as a victory for the Progressive movement and a harbinger for the big one, ahead. (Update: Suzy Something won big)

Like everything else Oregon’s media says, it’s just noise. Wu was a Democrat. Replacing him with a Democrat will not change the balance in the U.S. House, at all. And considering the politics of this state, the results will be about as surprising as rain in November in these parts.

The election, unless the Republican wins, means nothing about the fall.

But, even if it is a loss, Rob, the Republican, looked pretty good. In the next contest, for a full two-year term, the lessons he has learned just might allow him to put up a real scrap. He’ll know what to say because he’ll know what will be said about him.

Knowing how the enemy plans to attack can shape the outcome of the battle.


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