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What if we got a Flat Tax?

By Larry Leonard

House slashes IRS tax enforcement budget…

July 2014 — There is nothing complicated about liberals.  All their machinations are complex in the extreme, but their underlying premises are simple: control of your life and property.  They want all your money, and want to use it to buy votes.

Some information floating around is about changes in the air.  The young rebelling against their rock legends and green hair, and voting Republican next time.  It could happen.  We’ll see this fall.  They don’t vote in large numbers anyway, focusing on national style events like the election of a president.  It’s a movie star, rock concert sort of thing.  Air-heads on parade every four years.  After that, they finish college and try to find a job.  Welfare is boring for most of them, in the end.  Just the druggies keep at it.flat tax

The problem with the flat tax is that it treats everybody fairly.  You have less ability to target groups.  Liberals hate that.  The IRS scam to get tea party types wouldn’t have flown in that kind of environment.

So, hating the flat tax, the mess we have now is favored by the libs, but since Congress is assembled partly by the results of non-presidential elections, this fall may structure the Hill into a form that favors sanity in tax policy.  We’ll know in November, but be prepared for some bad news if you are a liberal.  The dollars may sweep off in a new direction after the mid-term election.

If so, the jobs numbers will turn around dramatically for the better, and you will see the idiot Obama taking credit for it.  The truth is, he and his Pelosi Pals have repressed an economic recovery and spent us nearly into the bankruptcy tank.  I, for one, think there is hidden money out there, and a sane tax policy could revive things with a bang.

I would like to see the insane libs get a bloody nose from the voters.  America could be a nice place to live if that happened.


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