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Liars as Leaders

by Art Hyland 

Obama:  “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.”

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Hillary:  “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had NOTHING to do with…”

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The media has supported these liars.  The truth apparently does not matter to the people at CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, NY Times, et al.  They want their chosen leaders no matter the consequences.

Thirteen months after the Benghazi killings, 60 Minutes only now covered the truth about Administration lies, as if they are really getting to the bottom of this major story; yet no attempt was made to demand answers from Obama or Hillary who are still covering up both of these issues.  Obama and Hillary would never have seen second chances if the media had simply done a job they are entitled if not obligated to do.

Our Nation had and has decent leaders

A decent man, Mitt Romney was in a race that used to matter.  But truth, patriotism, economic success and individual freedom were never on the ballot, yet that’s what he campaigned on.  He never had a chance.  He was a fixer, someone speaking about rational decision-making to voters trained by the media to respond only to emotional blather.  He was vilified as a rich, white businessman who didn’t care — couldn’t care —  as much as the two shining progressives speaking truth to power as they claim to do.  The liars won because that’s what they do best.  (I’m aware it was Obama/Biden, but really, does Biden matter at all in any serious discussion?)

So there you are.  The nation that once brought forth George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan (and John Wayne) has chosen liars and cheats instead of patriots and statesmen.  It won’t last, can’t stand, won’t stand, will end.  I hope it’s not another bloody civil war.

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