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Water, Water Everywhere, but …

By Larry Leonard

Thousands go without water as Detroit cuts service for overdue accounts…

June 30, 2014 — You see it everywhere, these days.  Socialist greenies who call themselves environmentalists when they are actually just junk scientists hustling for power over every aspect of your life, including your income.  Record cold winters are blamed on global warming.  A lack of predicted hurricanes is caused by global warming that predicted an increase in same.  I sometimes wonder just how stupid people can be made using the “core” educational device.  It seems there is no limit.

Stepping on the gas pedal causes the car to decelerate?

Whoever you are, for God’s Sake wake up.  Millions like you have put on the cloak of Climate Change (read: man caused global warming) as the cause of higher sea levels that if it were true would have sunk half the islands in the Pacific Ocean decades ago.  It’s a social thing. Group think, buzz words, air-headed intellectual flatulence which many of you will shed after trying to find work in a liberal economy.Texas jobs

Everything most of you believe is junk.  No bank hires tellers with green Mohican haircuts.  Nearly everything people you don’t personally know but hate happens to be simple truth.  Government is not the answer.  Your heroes are rich, too. A rich song writer doesn’t create a tenth of the jobs created by the guy who makes your dish soap.  Destroying your inner-city business area in riots demanding jobs is counter productive.  Unless you like twenty-dollar hamburgers and unemployed teenagers breaking into your apartment to steal something to sell to get drugs, don’t support raising the minimum wage.

Trust nobody who is over thirty and works for a university.  Maybe ten percent of them have working brains, so you’ll be hating mostly idiots.

It’s like water in Detroit

It, Detroit, is located on the banks of one of the Great Lakes.  It is a union town.  It has destroyed the American automobile industry, once the envy of the world.  It is full of people who demand to be supported by other people’s money.  It can’t even run a civic water system.

Leave town and head for some place that is run by conservatives.  You’ll find water there, and jobs.  Teach your children that the last place to learn anything is a school run by teacher’s unions. The last place to look for a hand up is a government assistance program.  The last place to get good advice about getting a job is a town like Detroit — which drove most of the jobs they had to other cities.

You can lead a horse to water, but it won’t be drinkable if it comes from a faucet in Detroit.

And, stop voting for anybody who says government can come up with jobs.


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