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Truths, Falsehoods & Aftermaths

By Jim Welsh

The American people have spoken: America will continue to travel down the road to more government regulation and socialism and eventually will confront that point of choosing between serfdom or freedom. I think it will be serfdom, a serfdom dependant not on the lord of the manor but one dependent on hundreds of thousands of Caesars in Washington. The narcotic of a government check is hard to kick especially when it is a check that spells the difference between food and lodging and hunger and cold. That the check cannot continue forever matters not to those who receive it. Their lives are only for the moment and at this moment those whose labor supplies the check still have more to give. The goose is not yet dead. It is merely dying.

But there will come a day when even the “rich” will cease to exist. Then what? Well, keep tuned into Greece, Spain and Italy for our future. They only survive today at the good will of the Germans and their northern European neighbors. When the northern Europeans figure out how to finally shake off the Mediterranean leeches without destroying themselves there will be the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Lisbon to the Aegean. It will come. There is no such thing as forever here on Earth. All good things (subsidies) come to an end. Unfortunately America will not have a Germany to prolong its life when our hospice time comes. When our debt call comes, there will only be one ruling: Game over.

I don’t see any change in the current direction of the United States. The addiction of government subsidization based on borrowed money (where the beneficiaries don’t and won’t have to pay the debt off) has destroyed the health of the Republic and the ever-growing number of such citizen-patients neither evince the strength nor the will to kick the habit of Uncle Sam’s checks and beneficences. And those who are not addicted do not have the gumption to make the addicted go “cold turkey“. So the addicted class will continue to grow.

Democrats will see no reason to give up the source of their voting majorities (entitlements) and the Republicans will continue to be afraid of being called cruel and hardhearted if they oppose continued entitlements. The size of the Federal government will never be reduced until it collapses (it will) but that will still be some years ahead. Rome took over two hundred years to fall once the bread-and-circuses of Caligula and Nero became entrenched. It only fell when it ran out of lands to conquer from which to bring loot home. We don’t have that “luxury”. The only looting our government will have available will be from the wealth of its own citizens. The United States still is a wealthy nation but that wealth is bleeding away more every year.

At the state level here in Oregon, the Democrats have regained control of the state House of Representatives, virtually making any Republican efforts to reduce taxes a non-starter. The Governor is already talking of a sales tax. He’ll start small both in scope and rate. But the camel’s nose will be under the tent. Same sex marriage will be next, either legislatively or by the electorate.

And our rural counties? Make a visit to Josephine County if you want a preview of things to come. And if our rural counties go bankrupt, why should Salem care? The State of Oregon’s constituency now consists of public unions, PERS beneficiaries, and Oregon Trail cardholders (what used to be called Food Stamps). As long as it cares for those groups, it will neither need nor care about anyone else. Besides, Salem will have nothing to give to the rural counties even if it had the inclination.

So where to now for those of us who are conservatives in Liberal America? Well, if you have nothing else to do, you can continue to fight a losing battle skirmishing as you retreat and occasionally getting off a lucky shot and electing a conservative. But let’s face it, the jig is up. With a national debt that will soon be 20 trillion dollars, with tens of thousands of baby boomers coming onto the Social Security rolls each month and also onto Medicare for the next 15 years, and, in Oregon, an Oregon PERS liability that will never be addressed until entire budgets of counties and school districts are consumed by retirement payments, and a national and state economy that will not have the ability to grow due to the above situations, does anyone really think that the decline of America can be reversed?

I don’t. The task is too monumental for even the greatest of our conservatives. So what to do? Well, the first rule of survival is to take care of yourself and your own. Stop stressing over that which you can’t change. The present state of our nation is an unchangeable reality. If you can move to a better locale, do so. There are still pockets of economic strength in this country. If you can’t, well just begin to enjoy life as much as you can. Spend the time you spent fighting political battles and go fishing, camping and enjoying the company of your family and friends. That’s what I am going to do. Oh, yes, I’ll pray. Pray in thanksgiving that for a brief moment of time I lived in a land that was known as the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

I will write no more forever.

[Editor’s Note:   Jim Welsh–a true patriot, a veteran, a conservative, devoted husband, father of a large, wonderful family, successful small business owner (the small grocery business he learned from his father in a colorful San Francisco district), member of his small city council, member, then chairman of a local Republican party, candidate for Fire District, candidate for state representative, editor and publisher of Moocountynews–described exactly how he felt about the November election, speaking truths he has experienced or learned throughout his life.  It was originally titled, “I Will Write No More Forever,” and he may indeed keep to that promise.  I hope not, I hope deeply he will be enticed once again to write, to persuade, to continue to influence his community and beyond, for it is people like Jim who made this country great, who fought for this country, and who stand as a prime example of what this country is still all about, when you peel off the residue of liberalism that has temporarily captured the reins of power.]

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