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The Urban Financial Self Destruction of America

Editorial by Larry Leonard

The Stockton Civic Salute

June 28, 2012 — A large town in California (the 15th largest, in fact) is, like Tom Mix the old movie cowboy, riding off into the sunset, financially speaking. It looks like the city will declare bankruptcy this week. The original impetus, some say, for what seems to be a rising national trend (Detroit, for example) in America of late, was Karl Marx not John Wayne. This Oregon Magazine staffer believes it’s both older and younger than that.

In the wonderful Christian bible we see references to “robbing Peter to pay for Paul’s golf course retirement villa plus full medical coverage and 50 foot recreational vehicle after he retires from employment in the public sector at a subsistence level equal to 4/5 of his regular salary.”

It’s called: Progress (as in, “Progressives”)

Now, in America (which technically includes California) this approach has evolved to “Robbing Peter to pay Peter” by way of federal bonds issued in payment of bonds originally issued to use as security for loans from Communist China to finance forty cents of every dollar spent on any current day expenditure when the government printing presses run out of paper because the Sierra Club won’t let the paper mills in Oregon cut any trees so as to protect the Whooping Bark Spider, which can be heard west of Sutherland, Oregon some years, but which has never actually been seen.

Here, let me clarify that last item.

The government, due to the fact that only Karl Marx is taught at Portland State University (and all other colleges in Oregon), is a collage of colleges. It trains all the state’s students to be socially responsible. This does not, as it used to, train children to put on clean underwear before attending a dance. This is a different kind of “social.” It has to do with accepting the fact that there is no such thing as “private property,” because that leads to people who are not dependent on the “state.” (Under the thumb of the government.) People who decide where they want to live, what kind of transportation they like best. What kind of clothes they want to wear. What kind of food they eat. Where they work. Where they play. Stuff like that.

The proper thing is for government to control everybody and every thing. Equal Rights, these days, means “equal access.” That means that there should be only two classes in America: The government (or royal) class and the People. (Serfs)

Serfing California

In the case of Stockton, California, since the American Constitution didn’t set up things that way after the British went home, and we found ourselves without a king, Karl Marx eventually came along and volunteered to be our monarch until Barak Obama got old enough to take power. (No change in the basic collectivist setup, since like publicly visible monarchs, Communist monarchs hold everything (property, food, air, corporate earnings, gold, etc.) in trust for the people. What isn’t actually owned by the feds is charged via fees and taxes. This means the government class gets a cut out of everything. (For just being there. Except for the military and one or two other areas, none of them have to do anything which is useful to receive their percentage.)

This means everything. Even the money, itself. When, for example you buy a federal government bond to put in your retirement account, then later cash it in, taxes on you and your neighbors’ income and valuables are used to buy back that bond by the government.

Do you understand? You use your earnings to buy a savings bond, then when you cash it in, the government taxes you to come up with the money to pay you back. When you add that to the trillions the government class spends to make things worse instead of better, your only benefit is that they are guiding your nation in the direction of Greece.

But, you say, what has this got to do with Stockton, which is a city?  The answer is, my old pal Walt Morey (the author of Gentle Ben) when he passed away had seven million dollars in municipal bonds. The federal government isn’t the only place you can find government bonds.  Cities issue them all the time (for “civic improvements, among other things), and local taxpayers end up paying off those bonds, mostly with taxes on property..

Robbing Peter to pay Peter is a “Coriolis effect”

Historically, with the latter-day invention of Marxian expanded government, funded by various kinds of methods, including property taxes, the circle was completed in, among other places, Stockton, California. Since you have to pay your property taxes to have public schools teach Marxism to your children, if you don’t pay ever higher property taxes, how is Marxism to maintain increasing control? It’s pay or lose the family farm. Since your children are not aware that after police, fire and other basic services, the cost of government should not involve nanny-state, cradle-to-grave administration by said government, the result is the Coriolis effect.

It is a scientific principle which you can study for yourself by watching the water flush down your toilet. From orbit, a space camera photo of Washington, D.C., Salem, Oregon and Stockton, California shows the same swirling and descending pattern.

Everything going down the financial drain.

Here, this will help. All you need to bankrupt Stockton is politicians like Oregon and Washington, D.C. have. People who want to make your life better and who work for government.

So, if you still don’t get it, and return the liberal pirates to office this fall, you should get yourselves a Mao Cap. Always wear green, and memorize the lyrics to the new national anthem, Dear Leader, so that in the economic collapse which happens to all such ridiculous anti-capitalist systems, you aren’t jailed for frowning when the goose-stepping troops go by carrying a thousand flags containing the smiling face of the latest hereditary Marxist monarch-in-charge.

I mean, this Leonard guy at Oregon Magazine is a wacko, isn’t he? He actually believes that government expenditures that exceed revenues to the treasury, and which go for the wonderful new welfare state, are lethal to a nation. Hasn’t the idiot ever heard of credit cards? My mom has one of those. Stockton has been using them for years.


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