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Oregon: The State That Knows It All

by Art Hyland

Dateline Oregon:  Year 2078:

A 15 year old makes a call:  “Mom . . . I didn’t go to the coast the last couple of days, I’m at a clinic in Portland . . .I’m okay, I feel fine . . . I’ll probably be home today, just wanted to let you know the big news:  I’m like . . . a real honest to goodness woman now.  Please don’t be upset.  Haven’t told Dad yet, would you tell him for me?”

Except this isn’t the year 2078 or in some science fiction novel.  It’s today.  In Oregon. Right now.  With help inside their local high schools.

It’s likely the parents in the example above would have known about their son’s female-oriented proclivities, and perhaps even have had discussions or arguments about the chic media topic “sexual identity,” but they probably would not have known that their child is legally capable of making irreversible decisions without their knowledge or approval with silent help from the State of Oregon.

A volunteer-only organization called Parents Rights in Education is fighting and slowly revealing the downsides to school districts that opt for state-sponsored school-based medical centers.  They are a grass roots group which provide facts, real examples and cite Oregon law, to open up parents’ and school district eyes regarding what’s happening behind the doors of their children’s schools.

Their current target is a state program called School Based Health Centers, a legislative/governor-approved and funded mechanism where public health centers are physically placed inside school grounds ostensibly to provide health care to students.  Because it is professionally marketed as pro-student health, their appeal is generally unquestioned unless district personnel are advised of the sordid kinds of services and materials purposely omitted in school board introductory presentations.

Oregon's future governor

Jenner, Oregon’s future governor

These health centers provide counseling, facilitating and referral services to students for all sorts of medical decisions, often without parental consultation depending upon age and/or type of service.  Sexual identity and sex-change (in the age of Bruce Jenner) is a popular discussion along with almost unlimited sexual activities educationally promoted by this state program.  Abortion and sterilization are others.  So a 12 year old girl can be counseled at her school without parental input to discuss permanently altering her body so she’ll never be able to bear a child.  At 15 years old, she can just decide these issues without their knowledge or consent.  Democrat legislators and the Democrat governor in Salem are responsible for all of this.  They should be ashamed, but instead believe they are on the leading edge of juvenile health promotion.

A form of Big Brother government is on the move in Oregon and nationwide.  It’s appetite for greater and greater control over our lives is unsatisfiable.  Call it weirdness, like the graph below suggests (Portland’s unofficial adjective is proudly, “weird”), but it’s Oregon’s weird legislativeOR Weirdness progressivism that has become so pervasive and overreaching that just about anything that affects your life today has been seized by an government in the name of helping you live your life according to their rules, regulations, beliefs and laws.


Progressivism in Oregon isn’t confined to school children.  A few years ago the state declared that all the famous Columbia River hydroelectric dams are not considered renewable energy despite the fact that dams are probably the very first renewable energy source utilized by man.  This designation was proclaimed in order to promote super-expensive, ineffective solar and windmill power.

Progressive Oregon tore down a modern, high-power, functioning nuclear power plant near Portland while super-progressive France obtains 75% of its electrical power from nuclear.   American progressives love to cite Europe as ahead of the times, but it’s difficult to be consistent when liberal policies follow local political whims and fads.  Progressives should get their sex and power priorities in line with each other, but new ideas constantly emerge for them to control the lives of those they so love to lead, to where power over citizens has more merit than political consistency.

Another weird (but tragic) example of liberal excess in Oregon is the Sweetcakes Bakery case wherein a bureaucratic Democrat state agency didn’t agree with the bakery’s insistence upon a constitutional right to refuse business, and forced this private, very small company into bankruptcy.

A government that intrudes into the private decisions of parents and children, declares a small, private bakery guilty of a social violation, and irrationally decides to limit development of cheap electricity in favor of politically correct, expensive alternatives is a government truly out of control.

Oregon government changed their own identity to become the Bruce Jenner of state government, one which calls itself something it isn’t while claiming to be something it can’t become.

This is the environment Oregon’s Democrat leadership has created over a 30 year period to promote a progressive agenda that has taken hold gradually, incrementally and completely in a state that has become a leader at slow boiling its citizen frogs to death.

Parents Rights in Education is just one small group trying to push back at Oregon government’s relentless intent to disturb the traditional, successful human family model.  You know, the one where Oregon parents retain all the power to raise and guide their children.

So their chidren don’t grow up wanting government to control everybody’s lives, and where they, and the government they will live under, remain attached to their God-given DNA and constitutional limits, respectively.


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