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The State of Northern California

 By Larry Leonard

Voters in California Contemplate Forming New State…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Residents of California’s largely rural, agrarian and politically conservative far northern counties long ago got used to feeling ignored in the state Capitol and out of sync with major urban areas. The idea of forming their own state has been a topic among local secession dreamers for more than a century. Residents in two counties will have a chance to voice that sentiment next week. Voters in Del Norte and Tehama, with a combined population of about 91,000, will decide June 3 on an advisory measure that asks each county’s board of supervisors to join a wider effort to form a 51st state named Jefferson. Elected officials in Glenn, Modoc, Siskiyou and Yuba counties already voted to join the movement. Supervisors in Butte County will vote June 10, while local bodies in other northern counties are awaiting the June 3 ballot results before deciding what to do.N. Calif

May 30, 2014 — One of the counties in the top half of California is named “del Norte,” which is a Spanish term, and means “of the north.”

There are differences up there.  California is more than San Francisco and Los Angeles (read: Hollywood)  Lots of neat rivers and creeks up there as you approach good old green Oregon.  Lakes, too.  Stands of timber, mountains and canyons, great wilderness tracts and lots of trout and salmon.

In the article above, the text focuses on other things. The evil white people predominate up there. A shocking number of them are ex-hippy and some are even Christians.  What you call Native Americans are all over the place.  They like guns, and shoot animals for food.  It is a venue apart from the illegal goldfish bowls of the Simi Valley electronic suburbs, the royal golf clubs around SF and Topanga Canyon and Beach Bum surfer films of the lower regions.

They have little in common with SF and South up there, and it is beyond the scenic arena.  How do I know?  The place votes conservative.  I am surprised that SF and the Sunset Strip have allowed them to remain part of the state, frankly.

Their idea of a social media is a website that exchanges crabbing and clamming ideas.

Now, I suspect that the underlying motive for this latest attempt to create the new state of Jefferson (as in Founding Father big on state’s rights) has something to do with the insanity below them.  Fiscal (Stockton, like Detroit is financially done for and small time public officials everywhere are voting themselves million dollar pensions), Population (the biggest ethnic sectors from Oakland to L.A. are street drug gangs) and culture (nobody far north of SF wears battery-powered pink neon boas to dinner).

It’s too bad John Steinbeck is gone.  He could do northern C really well.  A touch of Hemingway, Cal the bad seed son with the prostitute mother, a little Jeremia Johnson and cannery row dockside canneries and you’ve got the coast up there.  Absolutely morning fog coastal, Redwood giants and half mile high waterfall stuff up there.  Timeless, quiet charm and days made out of salt spray and high ridges with eagles.

I suspect they are hoping to slice off the lard to the south and to run their own lean landscape with sanity and logic.  I, for one, hope they get it, and are then dismissed by all the important Americans and left to settle in to the timeless scene of which they are a part.  If it happens, you will see an economic miracle take place just because it has there to do it.  Bearded skippers folding their nets, storms washing the mountains, deep vales with industrious hippies growing the finest weed, and Indians close to the lives they once led harvesting riches from nature.

I wish them luck, for that place is a kind of paradise, and they remind me of hobbits who mind their own business and spend their time working instead of trying to take what somebody else has earned.

Go, Jefferson.


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