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The Sleeping Dragon

By Larry Leonard

September 12, 2012 — As he was steaming away from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese admiral, Yamamoto, surrounded by delighted naval officers celebrating their victory, according to sources from news journals to television documentaries to Hollywood script writers, said words to this effect, “I have traveled extensively in America. Their industrial capabilities are awesome. I suspect that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping dragon.”

On the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in New York City, Islamic mobs in Libya and Egypt rioted. A number of diplomatic people were killed. The Islamic flag these mobs carried, and used to replace Old Glory on top of our embassy was also carried before the ancient Arab Mohammedan hordes who used their scimitars to convert Christians from the Middle-East to Spain . It was the Crusades that revenged that 2,000 mile long savagery. Al Queda’s flag is similar to that ancient banner. (Your teacher told you these knights were the bad guys. Your teacher, like most teachers these days, was full of crap. They drove the Islamic terrorists of their day back into their caves where they belong.)

Our response?

The Egyptian government knew what was going to happen, and did nothing. There is information that the U.S. Government knew what was going to happen and did nothing. Even if both are true, we’re not surprised. The Egyptian government was hailed by our current president as being part of the “Arab Spring,” or a region-wide uprising of mass demand for western-style representative type democracy. Here at Oregon Magazine, we didn’t believe that for one second. Our only question was, “Is Obama that stupid, or does his Apology Tour at the beginning of his reign as the King of America remain the actual description of his thoughts about all this?”

Upon reflection, it is now clear that both were the case. He probably believes his own fairy tale. If you properly brand his version of stupidity as naivete, and accept the meaning of his kissing the rings of kings as deep respect for these Islamic monarchs from the Middle Ages, the two work together just fine. And, you shouldn’t forget the influence of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, either. What you see is what she got for us.

They are the defenders of freedom on the planet? With them, America’s foreign policy is in good hands? As Rush Limbaugh said the day after these events, “They (the MSM) all condemned Romney before they condemned the attacks.” So, if you like the New York Times, our Oregonian or any of the usual leftist broadcast media, the death of your diplomats is being used, first, for political purposes. They want their child king and his ministers to retain the throne.

What should be done?

The way to repair this is simple. If he isn’t re-elected, the child-president will no longer be a problem. If he is re-elected and the Tea Parties take the U.S. Senate, then he can be charged by the House and impeached by the Senate. Then, Joe Biden can be charged and impeached, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Republican, will be president, which will result in the following:

A sane national energy policy, an explosion of new private sector jobs, a balanced national budget within a few years, the incarceration of every communist at the D.E.Q., the return to the gold standard and bulldozers shoving the Federal Reserve system into the Atlantic, the reduction of welfare sectors to half of their current expenditure levels, the elimination of federal socialized medicine, the mass introduction of charter schools, the cessation of destruction of the U.S. Military (keeping the oceanic trade routes clear, and so avoiding a world-wide economic depression we are facing in that direction), three new Supreme Court justices that are not members of the Communist Party in the next three years, and the repair of the New Deal and later entitlement behemoths begun by FDR, expanded by LBJ and ready to collapse by 2016 if nothing is done about them.

But, in the case of this essay, there is something else.

The other thing that would happen is a change in America’s way of looking at foreign relations. We would cease sending billions to places like Egypt. The way we’re doing it, now, is by borrowing the billions from China. The new approach would be letting the Chinese send the billions directly to Egypt, themselves. (Over the decades our entitlement trillions and our foreign aid trillions haven’t exactly met the descriptions they were given when they were introduced.) But, you say, the terrorists would then be in China’s pocket. Since Iran is presently getting nuclear technology and missile technology from North Korea (which does nothing without China’s approval), the difference would be?

Decades of Stupid Socialist Ideas

FDR put the Social Security funds in a lock box that LBJ and decades of Democrat Congresses opened up for spending in any direction that would buy votes. FDR said, “Government unions are different from private sector unions, and must not be allowed to have certain traditional powers.” JFK and LBJ ignored that warning and crawled in bed with that crowd. You can see the result of that in Chicago, today. You can see the result of that in the upsurge of municipal bankruptcies, these days. You can see it in California, which is about to be sucked into a financial fault line. You can see it in the whole nation, from sea to debt-ridden shining sea. That gives us a solid production base to support a strong military?

Only President Reagan had the guts to react properly to ridiculous government union demands. He fired them.

Did you know that the new Socialist president of France is about to raise tax rates on French millionaires to 75%? (Our Bruce Harmon swears that is true.) Can you guess how many French millionaires are filing for citizenship in Belgium? Can you guess how many factories, retail stores and franchise restaurants are founded by people on government pensions or other assistance? The new totally socialist France will be a key member of NATO and able to protect sane people from bug-headed desert lunatics?

The wages of Obama are national failure and the betrayal of old friends

The Middle East is a dangerous place. Our only friend, there, is Israel.

Right after Obama took office, the Israeli leader was treated like dirt on his first visit to Barak’s White House. The other day, probably having heard about what was going to happen on the anniversary of the 911 attack, Obama’s White House told Israel they didn’t have time to meet with Netanyahu. Since his first day as President of the United States. Obama has defended nations harboring Islamic terrorists — handled them with kid gloves — while treating Israel like garbage. He has been an apologist for nations who, in their constitutions, have wording that calls for the destruction of Israel, and the killing of all Jews on the planet. He has refused to put in place serious restrictions on Iran, which is now about to begin producing nuclear weapons.

Now, his embassy has apologized to Islamic terrorists who just the other day murdered our diplomats. They were killed, the terrorists say, because somebody here made a film that was critical of their prophet, Mohammed. The apology did not mention the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The only reprisal available to us is external. Obama cannot send a drone to kill that maker of films — legally, anyway.

Nothing encourages a national bully like peace talks which are backed by zero threats of reprisal for bad behavior. We are at the point with Obama and Clinton’s foreign policy that we either allow other nations to limit free speech in America, or will have to just sit there while they murder Americans any time they wish.

Is that the land of the free and the home of the brave? You ought to think about that when you vote this November. Imagine that this coming election was taking place just after Hitler took power in Germany. He didn’t like Jews, either. His idea of government was absolute top-down power. His friends were fellow tyrants. One of them was Iran, in fact. How many people will have to die before you decide we need an American president instead of a Chicago community organizer child king?

The sleeping American dragon must finally come awake, and soon.


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