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The Purpose of the Press

By Larry Leonard

Recently, a famous black weekend network anchor named Simpson, said that she got into the profession “to change the world.”

This is why when people ask me if the strident Leftist bias in America’s mainstream media is a conspiracy, I say, “No, not exactly.”

A conspiracy involves a group of people who plot secretly to do something for which they will not be blamed publicly. By definition, the conspirators know who is conspiring. They’re together when they make the plan.

The American liberal media conspiracy, however, is different in that they don’t meet to plot, transmit their plans to each other in plain view, and are completely unaware that what they are doing is pure Fifth Column stuff.

Miss Simpson is totally in the dark about the fraud she represents. She doesn’t know the job of a journalist is to report the facts. She is busy every day shaping the news in ways that will change the world — shape it so that it reflects her ideological view of how things should be.

It is precisely how journalism is done in North Korea and Cuba. It is how journalism is done in Islamic theocracies and other tyrannies in Africa, Asia and other places around the globe.

If you’ve ever flipped from show to show at network news time, and wondered how they all cover the same stories in the same way, it isn’t because they check with each other before the broadcast. They don’t need to do that.

They got into journalism to change the world. When you start from the same place, with exactly the same travel plan, you automatically end up at the same destination as the rest.


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