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The North Star of Hollywood

By Larry Leonard

February 21, 2014 — In the early 1940’s, Sam Goldwyn made a movie starring John Huston, Dana Andrews and Anne Baxter.  (It was released in ’43.)  The story began in a happy Stalinist agricultural commune in the Ukraine.  There was nothing but plenty in this place. Stalin et al copy The girls all had flowers in their hair and during their many dances included the happy, healthy old people in their frolics.  They drove their healthy  hay wagons across the healthy land while Dana Andrews in a Soviet military uniform played chess with the healthy and happy young student who had just won a scholastic award and would soon be going to university to study Lenin and Marx.

Outside the morning windows the happy, healthy birds sang in the morning and the healthy, happy children set out to walk fo the city, four days away for a vacation.  The Young Socialists healthy walking club will be guided and protected by the uniformed and armed soldier of the Soviet Socialist Republic.

Happily the marching children sing that they are the new order and the future of the nation.  They sing this as they stride vigorously past rows of happy socialist cattle.  The film is called “The North Star.”

In the Ukraine, yesterday: Riot Police Sewed up Protester's Mouth with Shoemaker's Thread..., which kind of reminds us of Neo, early in the first Matrix movie, having his mouth closed up by Agent Smith during an investigative interview. Then, this morning we saw this on Drudge: Cruz to Address Hollywood's Secret Conservative Group...  

It’s about perspective.

If you want to see why there was a Hollywood Blacklist back in the day, and the evil Senator Joe McCarthy made speeches about a subversive sickness on the Left that was polluting the movies with propaganda tripe, this is the movie to get.  If you can visualize a rat feces cake covered with two feet of icing — as in the MSM treatment of Obama — this (North Star) is the WWII Hollywood propaganda version.  (Ahh, there’s Walter Brennen.  I wonder if the Duke knew about this role?)

Who’s in bed with who, and when.  I called it “musical beds” in a piece, years back. The thing that shakes up those rare Americans who are awake is current news against the background of actual history — which is never taught at most American colleges, or referenced in news items by the grotesquely liberal mainstream (name) American media these days.  Upon taking power, the actions of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were identical.  Crony capitalism, suppression of the free press, alterations to the libraries of education similar to a Cambodian methodology.  Complete control of all aspects of civilian life (China’s one-child policy.)  Elimination of personal free speech.  (Incarceration in “re-education” camps.)  Complete militarization of the nation.  (The anti-Reagan political press and campaign approach showed him starting world nuclear war, or pushing the button, if he was elected president.)

But, back to the old Hollywood movie … 

Historical truth note: prior to the first Stuka of WWII, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a peace treaty.  They were allies. All Hollywood movies made since leave out that little item.

So, Nazis are bombing sheep, children and simple Russian herdsmen, here.  Kind of makes you wonder why Joseph Stalin signed  the peace pact with Hitler in the Thirties.  He must have been a stupid leader to not have known Hitler was not to be trusted and wanted control of some northern ports, plus some nations up there which in the past, like California and Texas, rightly shouldn’t be included in the Russian influence, geographically-speaking.  Just the other day,  an Hispanic speaker said Texas and California  actually were stolen from Hispanic Mexico.  (This speaker neglected to mention the name of the people Mexicans stole Mexico from in the first place.) American Indians were not introduced to the horse by the Spanish.  They ate the original horse, and elephant, here to extinction.

There’s Joe Stalin! He’s on a horse wearing a genuine union shirt.  (Joe, not the horse.) His union fist is in the air.  The villagers are offering support to Joe and his domestic guerrillas.  The villager says he understands they would have to fight for their land, just like before.  There is no irony in his voice.  As everyone knows, at the time of WWII, there was no land for a citizen to fight for in Russia.  There is no private ownership of property in any Communist nation.  That the borderline between true socialism and defacto socialism is where private property is technically recognized but taxed so heavily that what you have is property leased from the government.  Then, when you shift into actual Communism, the facade of property ownership disappears and people become serfs who own no property to tax.

Ah, the Germans are crossing Russia, introducing evil to this utopia.  There is a Jew who is afraid.  You’d think Sam Goldwyn would have been aware that Stalin, like all Communists, brutalized Jews, just like Hitler — and in fact Stalin killed more of them.    Thanks to legal abortion, America will one day have a total of dead innocent humans that is larger than them all combined.  (Or would, if not for Mao’s death toll and the subsequent slaughter of female babies in the one-child population control era.

The North Star.

Is that Gary Merril?  Singing the evils of Fascism compared to Stalinist communism?    In God’s name, what’s the difference?  Slave work communes, no private property, no free speech, no ownership of guns by citizens  — what the hell is the difference?  Fascism and Communism are identical. Could Hollywood have been so stupid they were unaware of this?  It staggers the imagination, just like the people who lived next to Hitler’s death camps being unaware it was going on.  You say, “Is it possible for people to be that blind?”

Yes, it’s in the Turner Classic movie collection.    Maybe Henry Fonda’s daughter made sure it was saved.  It kind of reminds you of present-day journalism by the New York Times and NBC.  Pure crap.

The people of the Ukraine are fighting the return of the Soviet Union.  Obama will do nothing to help.


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