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The Media is the Message

Pentagon wrestles with false climate predictions as military funds shifted to green agenda…

Canada bars weathermen from talking about ‘climate change’…

Now ‘Global Warming’ to Blame For Infidelity!

June 4, 2014 — The false climate predictions will not make the big papers, magazines or networks.  Canada is at times a pocket of sanity on our northern border. A lack of clothes makes the woman.

In “Climate Cons,” I talked about this.  It’s about getting money for telling lies.  The thing I would like you to draw from this has to do with the opposite.  We’ve been making this magazine for free for a decade and a half, now.  There is no George Soros on the conservative side.  Our effort, which includes some pretty fine text now and then, has never received a journalism award, let alone economic support from people with money and a dream of an America at work.

This is because our climate copy, to name one arena, isn’t liberal.

Non-award winning journalism

We don’t expect a Pulitzer, of course.  Personally, I wouldn’t accept one unless it came with a rational explanation for why we got it.  It’s hard to top the quality of this publication.  Traditional awards groups are all leftist PR outlets.  Universities are almost universally that way.

I don’t know why things are in this mess, but suspect it is just a blind spot.  It has to do with expectations.  A media outlet is a business.  It shouldn’t need that kind of help, but ought to make its way by sales revenues.  It is difficult to sell ads in a conservative publication, though.  Leftists are activists.  They make sure that advertisers pay more than a space rat.  Corporations who support the message here by buying ads take heat.  Sometimes, they throw bricks through windows, we hear, though it has never happened to any of our few clients.  I recall a clinic that advertised with us, and received years of good responses.  As soon as the ad manager retired, the new leftist management quit buying space, turning to standard liberal media for their vehicles.   That was a political move, not a marketing move on their part.

And, so it goes

We see the big liberal papers shrinking in size.  The internet is blamed for it, though I suspect there’s more to it than that.  The rise of FOX indicates quality generates notice, though you still see commercials for garden hoses on that network.  One day, perhaps, Republicans and Independents may come to understand the reasons for the preponderance of lefty media.  It’s recognition and support.

If this isn’t sour grapes, then something can be done about the problem.that might benefit the nation.  Activism on behalf of the truth of climate change should be rewarded and congratulated.  Our side has yet to grasp this simple fact.


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