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The House of Congress Charges: fowl deception and flippery by the Dictator’s official Police


June 23, 2012 — Reason triumphs over nonsense only when the public has been given a proper translation manual. Without one of those, if you wish to speak of truth, you are left with a study of liars. This is like using aspirin. If the hangover went away, you may have discovered something that works. The most important gift you will ever receive is one whose ribbon is damn near impossible to untie in these modern times. Witness: the Justice Dept. of the Barak Hussein Obama administration.

As though the people had been taught in schools run by used car salesmen, those who will vote for justice in autumn will do so after years of schooling that is based on the principles of Chicago ward politics. The shining city on the hill was Detroit, for many decades. Glass, chrome and ten coats of lacquer, sometimes with a canvas roof, glpwed and gleamed like battle flags at the top of the Heartland, and were the true art of America, the true descendants of the pioneer. Then the farmers of the mind issued from the lands of the Visigoths carrying weapons made of chalkboards and posters of raised fists.

The pioneers of the mind did not have to stand in a dusty street and like a knight risk a price to guard honor. No, they roped only dopes, penning them, calling the ranch a People’s Agricultural Re-Education commune. If you are a liberal, this is what you now proudly demonstrate for in your streets. Here are your foremen. Socialists are the only species of human being whose females have a mustache.

Now they stand in Senate halls and talk of arresting and jailing their conservative colleagues for speaking their mind.

This is a difference between the liberal and the conservative. The latter will fight in the defense of the free speech of the former. The former would limit the free speech of the latter.

The latter says, “If you are running out of money, write bigger checks and give them to your friends.” (This, by the way, is what will pester and finally defeat the Chinese System, for only dollars vote true in the end. Economic selections made by cronies are Formula One drivers who grew up in the trunk. To win races you need drivers whose lives have been spent learning to drive fast.

The Progressive politician says, support with public money those who vote for you. Oppress with public regulation whose who do not vote for you. Does the wolf kill to feed coyote whelps? If so, then her species has flown to madness, and will disappear from this planet.

Who be de boss be the question:)

Having grown up with the drunk and the frightened, I can help, here. The parades you attend as a child create your internal emotional philosophical frame work. Graphically shape your politics. If, as sometimes happens, you one day find yourself standing there, and visions of the screenplay I have written above, begin to march across the life-scenario in your head, it is Winston Churchill who is turning the projector hand-crank.

The solution to the fearful problem is painful. You must stop beginning searches for truth with a conclusion, then eliminating everything you discover which does not support your prejudice. Sorry, but that’s the only way out. If you discover that up is above down, you cannot call it heresy and punish all those who refuse to recognize the political supremacy of Socialist truth.

In the roundabout but scenic essay, I have put you face to face with liberal hypocrisy, today. Stick a commie in a mitre and he will banish science on the authority of the church. The date at the top of this text is clear. This is the 21st Century. Only a socialist could accept a police force that must not be questioned, or questioned in a limited manner.

You fix it, or the poor damned the Occupy jerkoffs are crying, “All cops are pigs, except for our cops.”

The “Mainstream Media?” Based on their circulation and viewer numbers, that may be a questionable conclusion. Investments in education? The purpose of education is to make you free or to enslave you. Once you understand what “free” is, hope may be justified. The current situation is not set in stone past the latest graduates. The fat lady has yet to sing for generations yet to come.


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