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The Great Political Deception, today

By Larry Leonard

“If the Jews had negotiated with Hitler and by agreement reduced the six million death camp dead to only three million, only a liberal Democrat or a RINO would consider it a victory in mutual cooperation.” — LL

Early September, 2013 — Name two self-evident skills of Barack Obama.  Answer:  avoiding blame for anything, and winning elections.  Now, as surgical bombing looms over Syria, what do the above observations have to do with anything?

Answer: First, no matter how things go, it’s a spin heaven for Obama.  If it’s a flop, he can blame the Republicans for not going along.  If it can in any way be painted as a success, the state-run mainstream media when doing so will call it a triumph in the face of near-disastrous Republican far right resistance.  But, while what you just read may be what happens, here’s the key item for you to grasp.

It is totally meaningless from the standpoint of what the hell is actually going on, here.  It is a gigantic misdirection.  A titanic misdirection.  In classic military terminology, a Trojan horse.

What, then, are they really up to?


Lord, but this is tempting for a conservative journalist.  There are so many elements of proof for which one can reach back.  Recent stuff.  Stuff you remember.  But, I will not depart from the straight path, here.  Close the doors on the political melee so all the voices are blocked off.  Stay on the mainline, the tracks that lead directly lead to the Chicago stockyards symbolism.

Here’s the beef

Obama is down in the polls, the majority of Americans are discovering that Pelosi was unintentionally correct that we’d have to pass the socialized health care bill to find out what was in the 1200 (or so) pages of that piece of legislation.  Unions are disconnecting with parent unions over the damn thing.  The 40 hour work week (a living wage) is being brought down.  People unable to keep their doctor in all cases.  Insurance rates are shooting skyward.  Congress wants a waiver or subsidies for their own legislation.  Unions, corporate friends, thousands have already gotten waivers.

Then there’s the unconstitutional stuff.

The government-organized attack on the Tea Parties by, in particular, the Internal Revenue Department has been discovered and has generated visceral hate in the populace.  (This is because all forms of hate originate from some form of fear from disgust to outright horror.)

If Socialized Healthcare can’t survive the growing resistance, since He couldn’t delete the 2nd Amendment and has replaced Eisenhower as the Country Club president, what has the Rock Myth Pop Star accomplished?  Peace in the Middle East?  Safer Cities?  The repair of the national infrastructure?  Dramatic events in space?  A dramatic drop in the unemployment numbers?  Anything of  note, period?  Hello?

And, the deeper goal, he shares with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and every major American socialist from sea to shining sea ever since? (The trashing of constitutional prohibitions against authoritarian, centralized government inhabiting and controlling the lives of the citizenry.)

It all now hangs by one thread: 

ObamaCare.  Socialization of one-sixth of the American economy.  How can he save it?

He must hold the U.S. Senate and re-take the U.S. House in 2014 to force this down the American throat.  It works like this:  the key is the vote.  Mitt Romney, to American Conservatives, was just another blue blood, or RINO.  He lost because Republicans simply turned away, as many did when the aisle-crosser, McCain, ran for the top office.

That’s right.  Syria is or was if he’s pulled it off by the time you read this, an election ploy.

Obama must get the patriots to turn away, again, in the mid-terms.  The Christie/Obama hug in New Jersey presented the strategy.  American conservatives cannot identify with the idea of George Washington giving Cornwallis a hug, and negotiating a reduction in the Tea Tax.  It’s as simple as that.  Coming together and reaching a mutually negotiated deal on abortion where only half as many innocent children are killed is not acceptable to the Tea Party types.  Going over the financial cliff a little later by slowing down the excessive government spending by half when three-quarters reduction is what’s needed does not mollify these people.

I’ve said it before in other pieces in this magazine.  If the Jews had negotiated with Hitler and by agreement reduced the six million death camp dead to only three million, only a liberal Democrat or a RINO would consider it a victory in mutual cooperation.  The Tea Party types want the crap to stop, not just slow down.

If Obama gets Republicans in Congress to support this Syrian scam of his,  it is my prediction that the result in 2014 will be the return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives because just as they did with Romney, the heart of the Republican Party will turn away from their candidates en masse — and the political genius Obama is working for that result this very day.

The result of the Syrian expedition is not important to Obama.  Getting Republican support that will alienate Tea Party types is what he’s trying to pull off.


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