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The Great Corn Car Disaster

Obama administration’s brand new Energy regs
increase offshore drilling moratorium for 30 years

July 14, 2012 — I was watching Lou Dobbs on FOX TV the other day. His guest was the CEO of Shell Oil. What he said, when added to recent reports concerning “corn” harvest problems in the U.S. means that the whole nation is being bludgeoned in the direction of the GM Volt, among other disasters. (A “hybrid,” or gas-electric car, the Volt has caught fire in people’s garages while charging the batts).

To understand the above:

Moratorium regs continuation is classic Obama “transparency.” (Like his recent regulatory sidestep of existing Welfare Reform legislation by creating a “work waiver” for recipients — who now get the money without attempting to find work.) That is, it is invisible to the public. Only oil companies and the Sierra Club read the oil regs I’m talking about, here.. There are media people who are paid to study these government releases. If they work for the New York Times or NBC, and could be politically damaging to socialist politicians, the information will never appear in their pages or on their TV programs. No liberal media outlet in the nation from the New York Times to Portland’s KPTV mentioned the oil drilling ban item. Part of my job is keeping an eye on the liberal press both nationally and locally. I don’t watch or read everything, but haven’t seen any mention of it.

This was done by Obama to placate the green voting sector, all of whom loved the Pelican Brief, a Hollywood movie. Try to watch it on your cable or dish movie channels. It’s about an evil president (not exactly a liberal) in league with evil oil company executives who spend their vacations pouring carbon-based fuel goo on Pelicans when they’re not pushing old ladies in wheel chairs off cliffs, or force-feeding chemical fertilizers to school children. But, this whole scenario is about more than that. There is a longer (not current political) term reason: oil is the gold of the American economy. It is the fuel of the American economy. Transportation cost for basic manufacturing materials, the distribution of goods found in stores, electric power applications, myriad products like plastics and the gasoline in your family car all depend on this carbon-based stuff.

Just looking at its transportation value, oil/gas delivers the most for the lowest cost per mile. All “alternative” energy sources cost from perhaps five to twenty times as much per mile. A great way to multiply the price of everything you buy from composition shingles to every product in your local stores would be to stop the use of petroleum-based fuels. (Recent reports from Leipzig, a university in Europe, indicating the Earth has been cooling for the last few hundred years, has the greenies in a state of shocked terror, by the way. The clear implication there is that the only thing that is holding back the next Ice age is the use of fossil fuels. (If you want to know what an ice age is like, visit North Dakota next January.)

Now, this restriction on exploration and development has another benefit for the Obama crowd. It helps the enemies of freedom. Cuba, Venezuela and (believe it or not) China are expanding their southern gulf activities. Last year, two months before Obama’s manipulations sent floating drilling platforms to Venezuela, George Soros invested two billion dollars in Venezuelan oil “companies.” (Talk about lucky timing!)

Now to corn

The Unites States of America is the greatest agricultural force in the history of the planet. We produce more corn than any nation on earth. Possibly more corn than all the other nations on Earth,combined. Corn is steamed, boiled, fried and baked for human consumption. It is also a food base in more products than God could count. Thousands of them. Maybe tens of thousands of them. One of the products it is used in is not a food. It is gasoline.

Ethanol is made from corn. That is, it is distilled alcohol made from the plant.

The only reason gasoline contains corn alcohol is the government. The greenies in our universities decided it would cut down on air pollution in the summer. I do not know if it does that. If it does, I do not know how much of that it does. Furthermore, I do not know what the effects of this usage may have on your car’s engine, or its efficiency. I do know that using it in my car’s engine causes a drop in power output and clicking sounds under the hood when going uphill. That suggests a problem having to do with an engine’s valve system, which can logically be decoded as a drop in horsepower that could damage those components. Anyway, if we ended this massive use of corn alcohol as an ingredient in American gasoline, I can make one flat statement about that. Every other product that uses corn would cost less.

It’s called “supply and demand.”

This current decline in the raw product has to do with the weather, not world climate figures. Regardless of those, the planet’s regional or local weather patterns always include variations. There are always places where things are wetter or drier than usual. Hotter or cooler than usual. Because of the local drought in corn producing American areas, for the past couple of years, corn production is down. The globe, according to the University of Leipzig, is still cooling, but regional factors have produced less than wonderful growing conditions in various localities. This particular local problem was generated by “La Nina” (La Ninya), which has to do with Pacific oceanic currents off the west coast of South America. This pattern every few years reverses, and we get “La Nino.” (La Ninyo) Depending on which way these periodic oceanic current circulatory patterns are going, our mid-west gets lots of rain or little rain.(This pattern has been going on for at least the last sixty thousand years, since the end of the last ice age.)

But, back to the central problem.

Less corn means less corn. Thus we have all those thousands of products from corn sugar to corn flakes (liberal politicians) now competing with corn alcohol for their raw commodity: ears. The same demand is fighting for their share of a reduced supply.

Guess how that affects the Chicago commodity exchange. Now, add that to the new 30 year extension of the Obama offshore oil exploration and drilling moratorium. Both less corn and less oil. Supply and demand.

Here, I’ll put it in simple terms. You, the American consumer, are being screwed royally. How did this happen and who is doing the screwing? If you are a Democrat, the villain is you. The people you elect make it happen in the name of justice, fairness and compassion. When their actions damage the American economy and force ever larger numbers of Americans on to food stamps and welfare dependency, their power grows and grows.

But, lots of Americans these days like the feeling. They enjoy being sheep because they don’t have to do anything to get the money.


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