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The Conservatives also Rise

by Larry Leonard

Then there was the bad political weather which happens not out of Man, but in a large cycle like droughts and floods and the gentle times that follow the fight against the fascists. The enemies are always the fascists. They march into the cities intent on bringing revolution of their brand to the people, and in periodic surges visit false hope and change upon the land, but are actually pulses in a larger device that is a human political song of evil.  In those days, in the Fifties, Eisenhower said we should beware of the military-industrial complex, but he was actually reacting to the horror of the tens of millions of dead resulting from the Second World War, yet at the time could not understand that as medicine is needed to defend against disease, military power of the correct purpose is needed to restrain those who seek power for its own sake.

We who drove the ambulances in the First World War in Spain against the fascists knew that what would change in this peace of Eisenhower’s would be the bodies in the vehicles, and that they would change from soldiers and civilian children to babies yet unborn, and would in a few years be ten times the number of the military dead and would emerge as corpses in bags of medical waste from the abortion clinics.  These victims were the dead from the fake war of  peace and justice waged by the other Devil who is handsome and whose name is in lights over the entry doors of the great white urban ways of the famous.

Death in the Afternoon would not take place in the dusty corrida in the villages, but the blood would be the blood of fascist peace, and of the unborn. From the palaces of the liberals who labeled the conservatives with their own death camp photos because the photos were damning — then sent their filth through the gutters of the people in rags in the ghettos as well as down the columned steps of the great universities.  There before the children, these incomplete humans, could then cry out at injustice, and it could happen again because the voiceless, the unborn, because they cannot take up a gun and defend their right to speak, can now die with unfinished faces which can only partly conform to utter their protest.

The Road to Hell

It is worst of all to merge the generals with the politicians, for then the farmers and those who fish for their families and who do the other things that cause the wheels of peace to work are subject to the solutions of force for which they have not trained.  Our fathers saw to it that we could protect our own family because they knew what would happen if we couldn’t. This is because both war and the arrogant kind of politician know only the path of force.  For millennial reaches of time, the difference was merely that some in a land carried swords and some did not.  Then came the miracle in America where the civilian authorities were limited in power by the people, and the military authorities were required to take their marching orders from that highly restricted government.  While there were indeed wars, when they were won the Americans did not loot the wealth of their enemy, but helped them rebuild, and did not keep any territory except that needed to bury their dead, then went home to live in peace.

No greater political event has ever happened in human history.

This new thing, America, however, disturbed the princes of power, who then changed their tactics to civil war against those who would rather build wealth than steal it.  They painted love and justice on their faces and condemned those who would use force only to stop those who would take power over them and others.  In the lexicon of the evil, their own fascism transformed and became the label of those who would restrict government.  The language of the unpeaceful became an Alice in Wonderland tongue where good meant bad and love meant hate.

Fixing the Up that means Down

Then, in the passage of time, and in spite of decades of propaganda, the people had another tea party and rose like their founding fathers to slow and stop those who do civil war in the name of  false peace and issue division in the name of harmony.

And so in the fullness of time, did the wisdom of the fathers as though it were part of a classic story, come to cleanse the streets and country lanes of the land of the effluent of pretty evil.  Thus did the handsome Devil return to his wasteland realm to sit in filth and plot his return.

Some who have studied these things down to their essence, and who have understood the numbers of soldiers who have died, and hear the silent cries of the unborn who have died in the death camp medical facilities, in the name of pure human selfishness, ask what victory over evil means.  Is this what relief from evil means?

No, it is more like the cycles of weather. Unlike the world’s climate it has provable human connections. It is a rotten cake that is covered with lovely sounding icing. There is a universe.  Some think it was created by God.  Others, many of them, scientists, think it appeared out of nothing, like a rabbit in a magician’s hat.  That may be set aside for our purposes here.  Bad weather is something that requires you rise in the night to close the shutters against the wind and the rain.  It is worth the trouble to do it.  As with your gutters and your siding boards, one shouldn’t expect your home would sustain its quality of service without regular and periodic maintenance.

It is the price of owning the warm and safe national dwelling created by the founders, bless their clever hearts.

(With thanks to EH and certain biblical sources, LL)

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