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From ‘Never Trump’ to ‘Maybe Trump’ 


By J. Matt Barber

I was among a group of hundreds of Christian leaders asked to attend a private event in New York City Tuesday billed as a “Conversation with Donald Trump.” I’m glad I did.

It’s no secret that I enthusiastically endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz during the primary campaign and

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Cut Off The Oxygen

dollar bill copy

By Art Hyland

Our president recently and publicly singing the words to Amazing Grace doesn’t make him the Christian he claims to be any more than those of the oath of office made him want to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Words are his means to power. Period. And

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Barack Obama of the Starship Enterprise

Capt Picard

By Art Hyland

“Star Trek is where most liberals live in their minds.”

Because of the intoxication that power creates in the minds of too many DC politicians, the drug of power is stronger than any controlled substance because it warps Beltway brains into believing as true things that are the

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Not to Impeach is Racist

Lady Justice

by Art Hyland

If there is one thread that weaves throughout the conservative landscape it is this: if Barack Hussein Obama were a Republican, impeachment proceedings would have been seriously considered long ago, and the general mass media would have been providing the grist for it.

Here’s the argument that

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Obama: Okay, Now It’s Free

Obama and cig copy

Breaking News (AB News Service)

President Obama issued an executive order this morning which declares that all insurance premiums for health care in the United States shall now and hereafter be free. He made this declaration after acknowledging there were just too many problems occurring with respect to the issues surrounding the implementation

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Will You Vote For Your Own Demise?

Hillary testifying copy

By Larry Leonard

NBC Orders Hillary Clinton Miniseries starring Diane Lane…

4 in 5 U.S. adults face near-poverty, no work…

WASHINGTON (AP)—Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of the their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive

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Zimmerman Speech Obama Should Have Given

Obama and cig copy

By Matt Barber

My fellow Americans:

I am your humble servant. You have entrusted me with the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve you as president. I am not president of black America, Hispanic America or white America. I am not president of liberal America or conservative America. I

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Liberals and Conservatives, Unite!

obama straight on

By Matt Barber

More often than not, when someone says, “I hate to say I told you so,” they love to say they told you so. Prepare to have a bucket of gloat dumped on your head.

Still, there are those rare occasions when people both say it and

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Benghazi Fiction

obama straight on

By Art Hyland

He was the President, a position with the highest command authority in the history of the world, but the community organizer went to bed.

[What follows is speculation of what took place in the days before and after the attack in Libya, by the

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Kermit Gosnell Trial: Much Ado About Nothing

By Matt Barber

What’s the big deal?

I mean, why are we surprised that an abortionist and his staff would, behind the walls of an always-lethal abortion clinic, commit one of the most horrific serial killings in American history? What did you think abortionists do, heal people?

Why are we taken aback that there was

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A Lesson about Eggshells

dollar bill copy

By Art Hyland

It’s starting. Well, it’s been predicted, but what’s beginning is something even America’s low-informed might notice but only when in front of their collective faces. Banks in southern Europe are beginning to restrict access to bank accounts. That this phenomenon will make its way across the pond is

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Dreams From Our Fathers: Obama Resigns

World War 2 end celebration

By Art Hyland

Although wars have produced marvelous inventions by which to win battles, technical, mechanical and human progress expands exponentially when given the freedoms brought about by the maintenance of peace through strength. Peace provides this success only when it is felt to be reasonably long in expected duration. Although tyranny can

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Benjamin Netanyahu: Leader of the Free World

Benjamin Netanyahu

By Matt Barber

There has been much talk of late about America’s “fiscal cliff.” As troubling as our impending (Obama-spurred) economic collapse may be – and it is more troubling than even our most pessimistic economists are willing to admit – I’m even more concerned about fast-mounting tensions worldwide.

As the

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Don’t Look Back (Updated)

obama straight on

By Art Hyland

“…Barack Obama loves the future because that’s where all his accomplishments are.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In an unusually objective moment four years ago, the New York Times’ David Brooks decided to put some fleeting thoughts on paper for all

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