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Cut Off The Oxygen

dollar bill copy

By Art Hyland

Our president recently and publicly singing the words to Amazing Grace doesn’t make him the Christian he claims to be any more than those of the oath of office made him want to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Words are his means to power. Period. And

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Benghazi Fiction

obama straight on

By Art Hyland

He was the President, a position with the highest command authority in the history of the world, but the community organizer went to bed.

[What follows is speculation of what took place in the days before and after the attack in Libya, by the

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Blasphemy Begets Conspiracy Theory

Desert Sand w camel

By Art Hyland

First there was the concept that an obscure video “Innocence of Muslims,” still published daily on Google’s YouTube (Update: they took it down – – surprise), was supposed to have incited the Mideast riots in Cairo and other cities that led to the death of an American ambassador

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Big Brother to the Muslims’ Rescue

Googe map of Muslim riots

by Art Hyland

If you queried all Americans right now, most of whom have access in their pockets to the internet virtually 24 hours per day, I would bet the kingdom that less than 2% have seen or even know anything specific about the video/film that is supposed to have touched

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