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Space Microbes related to White House

By Larry Leonard

Microbial Life Found Living on Exterior of the International Space Station, say reports.

August, 2014 –This is like the present White House in that there is no evidence of origin.  You can’t tell for sure where it came from.  It has six legs and a hose nose, so resembles nothing you might find on a golf course in the Hamptons.

Space Microbes

Space Microbes

American scientists question the space origin slant from Russia, though freely admit stranger things have been found in Earth’s upper atmosphere depending on what you’re above when you take the sample — Woodstock, NY to use one example.Here at the magazine we remember the Sixties, and the hippies, which were always high.

Obam mad

White House Microbe

Certainly, the space station may be described as being “far out.”In the end, just like planets, we suspect life will not be unusual in the universe at large, and that this discovery will not settle the big question about God, anyway.  But those six legs and that hose of a nose is fascinating.

We saw one on a golf course in North Bend, Oregon in 1963.  It was an attachment to a riding lawn mower and collected balls in deep grass along the fairway.  But, it wasn’t a life form.  It ran on D.C., so was a precursor to the laptop computer. and most pacemakers.


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