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Socialism: A World of Proof

 By Art Hyland

 “You need to accept the fact that there are no circumstances under which politics can arrange for nothing to be equal to something.”   (unknown online reader)

Indeed.  But there seems to be no one in the current leadership in Salem or Washington D.C. who remotely understands the logic of the above quotation.

We are in the midst of a world capital revolution long in the making, and ultimately fatal to its host countries.  You’ve read or heard about the problems of Greece, but frankly, their problems are everywhere. Greece, the cradle of democracy, has morphed into the hammock of socialism.  It is the canary in the world’s financial coal mine.  It may seem like a far-off international problem not worthy of much concern here in little, young Oregon, but financial principles are the same everywhere in the world.  We are all Greece in too many ways.   Continue reading article

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