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Slavery by Another Name

By Larry Leonard

(The book, and PBS program based on it, who’s title is above, was written by a white author. Ten thousand dollars says he’s a Democrat. I haven’t read it, so only know its content by what I saw in the program which ran from 10:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. PST this date on Oregon Public Broadcasting.)

The opening was about the Emancipation Proclamation and post-Civil War treatment of former negro slaves.  The 13th and 14th Amendments were mentioned.  Who introduced them in Congress, who voted for them in that body and which states refused to ratify them thereafter were not included in the presentation.  The rise of Jim Crow laws was then introduced, and the altering of local and state laws so that blacks could be given five years in jail for stealing a pig worth a dollar.  During this incarceration, under Jim Crow, prisoners in those places were rented to “white employers” for work in factories and fields. (Democrat politicians ran those states, and made a great deal of revenue for the government coffers in the process.  See this link to ancient OrMag piece about that era.)

I am watching this program as I write this text.  With the exception of Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice-president, who was a Democrat and who authored the first, and really nasty, Reconstruction Act. (The first try at Jim Crow.  John Wilkes Booth along with his southern friends, loved Johnson.)  Let’s see … party affiliation is non-existent, here.  Johnson’s political party is identified, but nothing after that, so far.  And, nothing that I just told you about him was mentioned.

(Twenty minutes later.)

In fact, not one of the other Democrat villains in this program have been identified by political party.  This means that once more, and almost a decade after I wrote “Ken’s Congress,”  public broadcasting –, once known as “educational broadcasting,” in America and here in Oregon — has failed to inform the public that  the hideous mistreatment of American blacks during this era was generated, practiced and defended by Democrats. This is odd, since the American South (below the Mason-Dixon Line) during that time and long afterwards was 100% Democrat.

Allow me to repeat that: the South then and thereafter was 100% Democrat

As I’ve said, before, that is why during my youth in the 1940’s, that region was called “The Solid South.”  (“Solid” stood for “not a Republican for a thousand miles.”)  There must have been pockets of Republicans here and there, of course, but for all political purposes, they had no affect on things in that region, at all.

This “Slavery by Another Name” documentary I’m watching is clearly a continuation of the PBS propaganda on this subject.  Like their identification of conservatives since Goldwater as “fascist,” this program is a massive cover-up that hides their own political guilt by way of fact-omission.  That flag up above was raised and fought under by Democrats, period, end of story.

I suspect this program was specifically created as — or is specifically being run as — a 2012 campaign political piece.  If it’s a new production, it was composed in this way because the vast majority of American liberals, regardless of color, are completely unaware of the truth about these matters.

Political advertising should have a disclaimer.  Since none of the programs like this , presented by this organization, ever contain such a disclaimer, then PBS must go off the public dole. Any funding from the federal government must be eliminated.  For running it, Oregon Public Broadcasting must go off the state dole, as well and any funding from the state eliminated.  As I proved in my essay, Ken’s Congress (the link up above), that program is like this one:  an assemblage of titanic lies of omission.

The Tea Parties have arisen since I wrote that first piece and it is my suggestion that they also arise in Oregon and replace any representative or senator who votes to fund public broadcasting, and any governor who fails to veto such funding.  I say this while being aware that another option appears to be available — the addition of conservatives to the ranks of public broadcasting.  But, experience with  such procedures implemented by the commercial networks indicates that the alternate-view types always end up being tokens — side show freaks who are there for the appearance of balance only.  (Hell, NPR is so Progressively unbalanced that it fired the liberal, Juan Williams, for expressing a single politically incorrect thought.)

Clearly, plugging in a couple of conservatives won’t achieve the goal.  The fundamentals of “public” broadcasting will not change with the application of a few conservative band aids.  Programs like the one being discussed here will still totally dominate the presentation.  The recent reports that the world’s glaciers are not melting, and tiny islands whose peak elevations are two feet above high tide in the Pacific Ocean are not being submerged, will still be ignored. No program questioning Man-caused Global Warming must ever be aired on public broadcasting.  That would be terrible. Let the lavender burping frog destroy the entire logging and mill industry in Oregon.  What are jobs compared to frogs?

Perhaps that is the nature of things in our modern world.

If so, since a ball will not roll uphill on its own, that means PBS and OPB cannot be repaired with a paint job.  The vehicle will still have a rotten engine.  Let’s just go the First Amendment route.  Free speech is our thing.  They must become networks without any legislative connection to government. They can change their name to the Progressive Broadcasting Network, then make their financial way as best they can.  The only public they serve at present is the Progressive one, anyway.  The only message they distribute is the Progressive message.  Based on their sponsors, half the giant corporations in America are run by socialists, so separation of public broadcasting and state will do them little, if any, financial harm.

Unless, of course, large American corporations come to understand that supporting socialist propaganda isn’t in their best interest.

Enough is Enough

Once again I must say:  with this program, Oregon’s educational establishment leaders have proven that they care nothing about the truth, historical or otherwise. They are Progressive Democrats and RINOs whose propaganda in the schools and Oregon’s major media are part of the cover-up that has in the last five decades turned the brains of most graduates of the system into mush.

(Find me a graduate of any public school from elementary to university level who knows that the first slave-owner (Massa) in the Colony of Massachusetts was black, and I’ll show you a kid with at least one parent who reads this magazine, listens to Rush Limbaugh or used to watch Glenn Beck. Those kids sure as Hell didn’t learn it in an Oregon public school.)

The Civil War happened because Democrats refused to end slavery.  Jim Crow was invented by Democrats after that war.  it is true that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat the mistakes of history.  However, if the history they have been taught was distorted by the teachers for political reasons, then those who make those mistakes are in part guiltless..  Part of the blame must go to the teachers.

Back to real time TV watching …

The program is ending, now, with praise of Franklin D  Roosevelt, and the American union movement.  (Back in the day, racist almost to a man. Later in the day, socialist dupes, almost to a man.) This is only the second time I’ve heard a political party named, here.  There — a reference to Roosevelt’s pre-WWII need for the support of the “Southern Coalition.”  Few viewers below the age of thirty will understand that the Southern Coalition was totally registered Democrat.  Their slavery was the reason a Republican president named Lincoln died while trying to end it.  Their Jim Crow began to end when a Republican president named Eisenhower said he’d had enough of it.  I hear Martin Luther King was a registered Republican, probably as a result of Ike.  If that is true, I wonder what MLK would have thought about the modern Democrat Party’s attacks on freedom of religion.  He was, after all, a Christian minister.

That’s it.  The program is over.

Setting aside the politically-motivated omissions, the events described were largely true.  But, partial truth is normal for PBS and OPB.  The political party of the  perpetrators of the crimes was hidden just as it is this very day in the schools Oregon’s children attend.  Coca-Cola is one of the sponsors, I see.  So was Georgia Pacific.  Georgia liberal Democrats and the Pacific coast states lean to the Left these days.  This program was PBS/OPB historical tripe.  If the timber company is so stupid or so eager to help liberal Democrats hide inside a lie, that it supports leftist propaganda like this, may it never again find a tree to harvest.


© 2012 Oregon Magazine

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