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Slave Shrimp Propaganda from the Left?

By Larry Leonard

REPORT: Slave labor used to 
catch shrimp for COSTCO, WALMART...

June 10, 2014 —  Thailand, now a Chinese communist “protectorate,” has a fleet of fishing boats.  Just as in the days of English press gangs, they kidnap people to work on those boats, and life on them is a living hell. Get a copy of either the Brando or the Clark Gable “Mutiny on the Bounty.”  What you will see is what those slaves are getting.

So much for communist affection for the “proletariat.”  (It means the masses.  Citizens.)  If a communist runs a country, there isn’t anything they don’t either approve or disapprove.

The connection here in the U.S. is that some of these products are sold at Walmart and Costco.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they’ve discontinued them.  Capitalists don’t like contributing to that sort of thing — and now, the connection is proven. The American left hates those stores, though.  It’s a non-union problem in part.  G.M. knows about dealing with unions.  Boeing decided to move to the deep south to get a “right to work” state for the same reason.

Big unions usually eventually kill a corporation.  Drive through Detroit some time.  You can buy a home there for five grand, these days.  Motor City is broke, jobless and rusting away.  There’s hardly a big private corporation in sight. Nothing left there but public unions (teachers, construction ripoffs and government workers).  President Franklin Roosevelt warned about that.  Government unions, I mean.  He didn’t like them. But, it’s just like the lockbox he put on Social Security funds, and which another Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, unlocked.  You don’t see much about that in the press, these days.

The slaves in towns like Detroit are the taxpayers.  Not that there are many of those left in that  town, either.

I don’t know what is going to happen except that if they don’t vote out the leeches, they’re done for, and if they do vote out the leeches, they’ll lose their welfare checks and riot in the streets, burning as they go — and blaming the Republicans instead of the people who made the mess, their beloved Democrats.  Will America survive?

Cities don’t grow their own food, or hunt or fish for it.  They are artificial things and so are dependent by nature.  It’s the starting position for all large urban areas.  Cut off the food going in and they’ll collapse in two weeks.

But, getting back to Thailand fishing slaves, what they do is catch trash fish, grind it up and feed it to penned shrimp, then sell that on the world market.  The big company that does that there makes about 33 billion a year.

The Democrats who hate these big store chains will use it as propaganda to lash these merchants, here.  They will not mention the communist connection when they do it.  The American public which has until recently bought the liberal line on everything will probably believe most of it.  And, most big-time journalists live in cities, so they’re part of the facade.  They don’t even know they are totally dependent on American agriculture for their daily bread.  They think it comes from a bakery.  What I’ve said here is heresy to them.

It is ugly stuff, slavery.  It is a way of life for those on the Left, though in varying degrees depending on the level of their government control. Liberal heroes will tell you lies about this particular slavery.  That’s my prediction of how they’ll use it.  Capitalists are for slavery, they will say.  Join us and unionize a collective.  Or, they will say the same thing and believe their portrait is accurate, no matter how flawed it is.

I think the nation is changing, though.  People with working brains can be seen frequently on a few programs.  If the attacks at the stores do come, maybe some will not buy the spin of the left, this time.


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