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Short Skirts in a Bad Economy?

By Larry Leonard

January 29, 2012 — In the Fifties, a high school girl’s hemline was located at her lovely young knees. Her bathing suit covered most of her torso. Abortion wasn’t legal and the pregnancy-prevention drugs and procedures of today didn’t exist. She considered her body to be her private possession, and to be worth a commitment by a young man before she shared her masterpiece with the fellow. In those days, the nation wasn’t long from hard times and longer hemlines, and cared about children having a dry, safe place to eat and sleep, and a family. In those days, that meant a father and a mother. It was foolishly believed back then that you need one of each. The world responsibility comes to mind.

The reason I know such things is that I was born six weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Back in my day, if your parents died, other than relatives, friends or charities, you were on your own. If you created a child, you took care of that child, and the mother. If you had just graduated from college, and couldn’t get work in your chosen profession, you found work in any profession until you could. Being hungry for a couple of days had a positive effect on employment decisions.

Selective Darwinism

Then came the Sixties, the rise of liberalism (socialism/communism/fascism) and the nanny welfare state. As I watched it, being a reluctant sexist, I kept telling myself that I must be missing something, here. It is true that a law cannot alter a million years of evolution, but giving women the vote couldn’t be the reason that government would shift emphasis from national defense and the greatest economic system in world history to this down on the military, ugly welfare state that caused ghettos to grow, not shrink. For years, I refused to believe that women’s compassion could be stretched to the point that they would support affirmative action legislation that handicapped their own children. But, I was wrong. That is what happened.

For the Darwinists, evolution is the reason. Women with babies cannot hunt buffalo. They are dependent by evolutionary nature. Even if they are at present CEO’s of an international software corporation, they vote dependent. Men were taught by evolution to hunt in groups — to combine their efforts, and if necessary sacrifice their lives during the hunt, because without food, the clan dies. The clan or tribe must have territory to live in and food to eat. A woman with a baby in her arms does not have the ability to sneak up on a herd of deer. For example, if there is a sabre-toothed tiger nearby, one outcry by the baby will let both the deer and the cat know that a human hunter is there. That sort of thing is why men had to learn to bite the bullet and not cry out in pain. That sort of thing is why combat marines were invented. There are times when the whole show depends on being quiet. Mostly, historically, it has been men who had to do that. If Darwin wasn’t full of B.S., a million years of that and you have two basic kinds of human beings.

Darwin was about inequality 

These things are the most basic genetic qualities. They shape the layers above them. And, they run counter to the total structure of modern American culture. I blame it on the schools, myself. They worked pretty good for centuries until the progressive/socialist/fascists took over the system. Liberalism and its sub-category, Feminism, were superimposed on the brainset of children. America set out on the road to failure.

There is no such thing as equality as expressed in the modern sense. Martin Luther King, Jr. was correct. One man is better than another because of the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Some people are natural business types. Government financing for businesses begun or purchased by people who are lousy at the profession is anti-Darwinistic. Guaranteed to fail, and so by definition not something to do with tax dollars. Equality? A government subsidy to allow me to be a mother? I want a government subsidy to fund my writing of a book about what it’s like to be a black boy in modern Brooklyn. (I am white, and when a boy, was also white.)

Is any of this getting through to you?

In the name of “respect”, we teach Hispanic school children in their “native” language. They grow up with little expertise in speaking the language of the land where many of them were born — but there’s more. Language is learned easily by the very young. It is much harder after that genetic switch turns off when the child is older. Net result, in the name of compassion and multi-culturalism, the flaming lefty educational establishment generates citizens who cannot get a commercial pilot’s license.

Thus, Oregon public education is racist, because it places roadblocks in the way of Hispanic children. These roadblocks will keep them down on the farm, so they’ll never see Par-ee. (Phonetic spelling of lyrical “Paris.”)

The international language of air travel is English. You’ve flown from one country to another in a big passenger jet? Your pilot could speak very good English. If they are flying a Brazilian airliner to Egypt, and don’t come within ten thousand miles of the U.S.A. or England, they cannot pilot that aircraft without the ability to speak English fluently.

Net result? The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Liberal Intentions.

Whores are People Too

Getting back to short skirts, I was driving along 185th avenue the other day. For our out-of-state and international readers, that is a busy suburban road just west of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. I saw two girls, walking. By their clothing, I assumed they were prostitutes. A man who does not live in the woods as I do, told me that they weren’t whores. That, he said, is the Lady GaGa effect. It’s how “modern” teenaged girls dress.

Remembering how such young women dressed in the Fifties, I came to the conclusion that (1) feminism, like government welfare programs, has produced the exact opposite of its stated intent, and (2) that I had another item to add to my long essay list of gigantic liberal/socialist/communist/fascist) cultural lies. Thus, this essay.

You don’t free women to live lives of self-respect by influencing them to walk around looking and often acting like whores. You don’t create a community of healthy males by teaching them that competition is evil. (A game score is the evolutionary equivalent of a kill on a hunt.) You don’t create a healthy, dynamic economy without capitalism, and you can’t have capitalism if it is a secular sin to make a profit..

Lord, but I could expand this essay into a book. However, I will finish with a simple mystery.

In the past, hemlines were a marker for economic times. When the economy was roaring, hemlines went up. When it went to hell in a handbasket, they went down. It is a puzzle to me why for the first time in history, the economy went into the tank and yet hemlines have gone up.

My only guess is that dress designers all voted for the Euro-socialist, Obama, and just naturally participate in his fiction.


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