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Semi-random Thoughts

By Art Hyland

Taken from internet readings over the years; a short list of passages, attributed where possible:

The most important thing in politics is honesty. Once you learn to fake that you’ve got it made. (attributed to Sam Goldwyn) — I think he was anticipating Barack Obama

“British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing.” (from a Mark Steyn article)

Environmentalists view human activity as a blemish, and animal activity as noble and good. If Manhattan had been built by termites, environmentalists would make it a World Heritage Site. If the Grand Canyon had been the result of coal mining “Al Gore would say, ‘This is horrible.'” (Fred Smith)

In response to an article about a gay farmer in Canada, a reader wrote:  Just one question for the gay farmer. If you have a bull that isn’t interested in cows, what is it’s fate? Thought so…(Unknown)

There is a spookier possibility. Suppose it is easy to send messages to the past, but that forward causality also holds (i.e. past events determine the future). In one way of reasoning about it, a message sent to the past will “alter” the entire history following its receipt, including the event that sent it, and thus the message itself. Thus altered, the message will change the past in a different way, and so on, until some “equilibrium” is reached–the simplest being the situation where no message at all is sent. Time travel may thus act to erase itself (attributed to Hans Moravec)

China announces that English will not be allowed in publications.  “I wonder how many people understand ‘guoji shangye jiqi gongsi’, when IBM is instantly recognizable.” (Unknown)

You have a better chance of convincing a leftist to change their gender than make them see the truth. My cat is more likely to be convinced by reason. (Unknown)

“Who are those guys????” said Al Gore, pointing to the busts of George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, during a tour of the museum at Monticello prior to the 1992 inauguration.  Yeah, these guys are just great citizens.  If they’d been polar bears, I’d bet he would have known them by name.  (Newsbuster poster called UpNorth)

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