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Save Us From The Dusky Gopher Frog


Euro-Socialist Capitalists Declared Endangered Species

 Canterbury: 6/18/12 — Prince Charles of England adopts Al Gore in Canterbury ceremony.  During the proceedings the next in line for the British throne points out that man-caused global warming has gone up 1.2% in past five years due to hot air about man-caused global warming, which has resulted in a step forward for the American EPA.

Recently, it was discovered that the “Dusky Gopher Frog” is not endangered in an Eastern American state (name-omitted to protect the guilty), so a large area being developed for human purposes (homes, jobs, etc.) has been given to the Sierra Club and the National Geographic Society so the frog can be established in the region — thus making the geography there available for EPA sanctions.

You think this is satire, because you have read my classic Oregon Magazine piece:  The Tea Parties vs. the Invisible Crown.  But, an intellectual pole-shift has taken place in America, so what was satire is now straight news, and what was straight news is now satire.  Click here for proof.

If after listening to it, you next click on the “Invisible Crown” item above, and read the section about the “Lavender Burping Frog,” you will ask yourself if Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland was actually the founding of Liberal journalism in the West.

We print this item because if this Liberal carnage is to be cleansed from America, it will have to be attacked in the capitol of the American Left Coast, which, except for U.C. Berkeley (which during an earthquake in 1960 slid over San Francisco to its present location) is located in Oregon, just west of the Cascades mountain range. (Excepting the flaming hippie Eastern Oregon community of Bend — which is now the peace symbol belt buckle and Che Guevera t-shirt manufacturing center of the planet.)

EPA Cheshire Cat

Unless something is done about all this, America will, like present-day Oregon, become a Euro-socialist state and this state flag’s beaver will become a Cheshire Cat early in November of this year.

Reversing this trend will be painful.  Oregon, in our opinion, is immune to common sense, and a cleansing of our political mess in the larger national community will require that the state be physically relocated to North Korea where it belongs.


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