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Progressive Football

By Larry Leonard

December 31st, 2010 

Is Oregon winning?

Well, what does the word mean? In a football game, you tell who has won by the scoreboard. The team with the most points is the victor. But, in other areas of life? What’s the scoreboard there?

In one of those areas, at least, there is a scoreboard. In the realm of economics, the score is measured in positive or negative numbers. Politics can muddy up the meaning of those numbers, of course. In the past the unemployment numbers came from a statistical record that was defined by specific parameters.

Today, things have changed. Progressives like President Obama say the 9.6% UER is not accurate. You must also factor in the number of jobs his “Stimulus” package has saved.

Since I love football, I hope that the Progressives never infiltrate that sport and install new scoreboards at the end of those playing fields. A final tally which factors in the number of points the home team defense prevented the visitors from achieving in their victory over our guys would be too much to handle. If, when you include the eighty-seven touchdowns USC or the Huskies or Stanford was prevented from scoring during their four touchdown victory over their Oregon opponents of the day, the net result is a winning loss instead of a losing loss, you have arrived at Progressive football.

That will be it, for me. I will have seen my last football game.


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