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Photo ID

By Art Hyland

Barack Hussein Obama and his specially-selected Attorney General Eric Holder are opposed to Photo ID for this nation’s sacred voting process.  They don’t want any such thing required for voter registration; nor for showing up to vote.  Not gonna happen under their watch.  They’re protecting against discrimination of all kinds and shapes as they and only they can detect.

But try to get a signed copy of a new book without one.

This is a quote from Foodorama, the First Lady’s website about food:

“Those wishing to see America’s most famous first-time author have to purchase a copy of the book at the store and go through a Secret Service security clearance procedure four days ahead of the event, according to a store employee.

Mrs. Obama will visit the downtown Barnes & Noble store located at 555 12 St. NW, at E St. On Friday, June 8th, those wishing to attend the event must purchase a copy of the First Lady’s book at the location (for $19.20) and leave it at the store, according to the employee. At the same time, customers must also submit their social security number and show an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport) to a Secret Service agent, and they will be issued a wristband to attend the First Lady’s event on June 12. Book sales and wristbanding begin at 9:00 AM on June 8. The store’s phone number is 202-347-0176.” [emphasis mine]

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