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Paddling Your Own Canoe

November 7, 2012 —  Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clarke, Admiral Farragut, D-Day, Okinawa and the farmer, George Washington in the photo of the painting, above, there is almost always a liquid-based reference to great American events.  Hell, even B-52’s are airships, and their skippers “captains.”  This election outcome last night, to me, resembles a past December 7th.  Here’s the short of it.  What was troubled waters has become violent rapids just before  a great and terrible waterfall.  The thing I shouldn’t explain to you is that there isn’t a pool at the bottom.  Niagara Falls, ironically the location of the first hydroelectric facility on Earth, is backing upstream.  The face of it, that is.  Chunks of the face are sporadically tipping out and falling down. Water is good at eating away at things.  Even little raindrops allied with gravity, in time, will turn any mountain range into a plain that resembles a billiard table.

The poet Tennyson described this process, calling mountains clouds on the geological time scale, rising up and dissolving away as if made of  vapor on a summer’s day.  Take a frame a century for a million years, then run it back at standard speed, and you would see and understand.

I have said for decades that the creation of the American public educational system is the intellectual version of the above, the century-long slow rape of the individual dynamic mind.  It’s called redistribution. You patiently in small increments make everything the same altitude, which is naturally a great, vast, low plain.  No trophies for winners.  Add S.A.T. points taken from the brilliant and/or hard-working to the scores of the less gifted and lazy.  Soon, no Einsteins.  No Newtons.  No Lincolns, so no dynamism.  No competition.  Even when desperately needed, no way to produce change to survive.  Some legendary civilizations that once ruled great empires are now backwaters.  Eons of fog-shrouded bureaucracy erode a mountain into a mudflat.

Power is the product of difference not sameness

When you get to the bottom, that’s it.  No need for skis on the salt flats. There is no slope to run.  It’s a cold death, because it is motion that generates heat.  No motion, no heat.  It is a law of physics.

Last night’s election in this nation was a vote for increased economic entropy, which is another scientific term that has to do with a kind of death that looks like the process that makes skeletons..  It leads into a vast underground maze of subway tracks where like pendulums the trains go one way in the morning and the other way in the afternoon, regularly, for eternity.

The future I saw in the 2012 tea leaves was not there.  It was one of those close but no cigar moments. Perhaps I saw a young tree where there was merely a tiny sprout. If your tea cup is half full, the election contained signs and portents of hope.  That would be true if there wasn’t a time factor in the mix.  It’s called the national debt.  It is less likely now that what is needed will arise in time to keep the boat from going over the falls and crashing on to the hellish boulders hidden in the beautiful lace froth.  The only protection the nation has left is the Republican House, which has gained a bit of strength.  It will need it.

The hammering they are about to get would impress Hitler.


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