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Pacific Islanders are an Endangered Species?

by Larry Leonard

July 14, 2012 — This afternoon the Documentary channel ran a presentation about the destruction threatened by rising sea levels generated by climate change in the oceanic realm of the Polynesians. I learned the legislature building of the island nation of Yap (well-remembered in the aging memory storage of WWII sailors and marines) resembles a one-story home west of Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. It’s a ranch house !!)

I’ll bring this up again, farther on, but the repetition won’t hurt. There are two kinds of world-scale climate changers: warmer and cooler. Remember that. Now, to some personal thoughts about Polynesians and other non-white people.

Back in the day of Buddy Holley and the Crickets, I studied in the Hillsboro high school metal shop with Noel Apo, who was just short of seven feet tall, and weighed perhaps three hundred pounds. His skin was the color of light chocolate, his voice had the bass tones of a viola coming from the alcove of a musical shell, and had no edges. His laughter was infectious, and full of joyful warm trade winds. I am half Irish, and have the gift of blarney. I am half Norwegian, and so in my DNA have the blood of those who have sailed vast distances in open hulls, powered by wind and paddles. (My Viking ancestors reached North America centuries before the Italian sailing for the Queen of Spain. Noel’s ancestors reached half the rest of the planet’s shores on platforms atop dual canoes that raced like birds across the wavetops. We are brothers of the seas.

It was, I think, WWII that made the connection between what are known as the “outer island” nations of the Pacific and Uncle Sam. Ever since that war, the Pacific NW has received their children in our educational systems. Even in the Fifties, which are considered by liberals a time of white racial terror, these people were present and accepted in Washington County, which today is described by urban Portland myth as being the last place in western Oregon where you can still find active cells of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Klan was made of Democrats

It is true that after 1859 when Oregon became a state, its politics quickly came to be dominated by the KKK. That organization was created by the Democrat Party in the South, and determined who could be the Democrat candidate in post-statehood elections, here, well into the 20th Century. My earliest memories go back to WWII, and I attended Rose Parades in Portland which had floats containing uniformed white Oregon Civil War veterans whose victory freed the slaves, but spending most of my years in Washington County, I do not have one memory of a hood with eye holes made from a sheet, or burning crosses.

My earliest memory of race is the owner of the Blandena St. and Union Ave. store, who was Japanese There was a semitic (Arab or Jewish) fellow who worked leather things like shoes and saddles somewhere near Vanport, and later my friends the Polynesians in high school. There was one single black, a girl, at the high school. I thought she was nice, and sat with her when I could. But I was at the time afraid of all females, and did not have the guts to ask her fearsome-looking father if I could take her to the movies. (She sat anywhere she wanted on the school bus.)

It was not until the dawning of the age of Aquarius that I became automatically cautious around that particular type of non-white human. The point is that this is an odd region of the United States from a race standpoint.Long before the KKK moved in, existence involved, as it still does, dealing with a zoo of different varieties of human beings. Spanish Conquistadors buried treasure on Oregon’s beaches, Ice-Age hunter-gatherers shopped their way across the North Pacific from the Asian realms, dining on prehistoric elephants now extinct in these lands, Copralites (fossilized human feces) in southern Oregon caves come from the Clovis (pre-“native” American period). Blacks flooded to the Vanport shipyards early in WWII . When Lewis and Clark reached Astoria, Oregon, they found tribal people living in houses made of logs, not sticks or animal skins, plus met dozens of other Indian varieties along the Columbia from the Modocs to the Killamuks. (After which the coastal town of Tillamook — the cheese capitol of the NW is named.)

There were so many “tribes” here, it was amazing. (I think of them as “clans,” like those one finds in Scotland.) They spoke so many different tongues, they had a Trade Language. It was made of a few words each from all the clan dialects. Here is a Columbia Region trade language term which still lives in modern American English. “High muckymuck.” Bigshot. Its origin was the Trade Jargon term for “lots of food at the important end of the banquet table,” which was where the chief sat, and dished out the chow. Yes, Indians practiced politics. All good flows from the current tribal administration. Original Jargon phrase: “hiyu mukamuk.” (plenty food)

So, you ask, “Where the hell is Leonard going, here?”

It said their islands are sinking

The generating source for this essay was a cable (in my case “dish”) channel documentary about the Polynesian islands covered with giant ferns, palm trees, the plant called Taro, coconuts and which were surrounded by glorious coral reefs. I smelled hints of racism charges and greenie propaganda in the film. They’re a nomadic people who created the romantic, grass-skirted culture of Hawaii, and the paradise found by Captain Cook and which bemused and bedazzled the crew and officers of the HMS Bounty — the ship in the middle of the greatest mutiny in the history of the British Empire. (The makeup in the Marlon Brando Technicolor film version of the story, was done by William Tuttle of Hillsboro Oregon, whose daughter was my date to the senior prom in 1959.)

Because I’ve known a few islanders, and loved them, I began to study this documentary seriously.

The designation “documentary” doesn’t mean what most of you think it means. Once, this type of documentary meant an “accurate description of a place and/or people,” but now it means, “a description of a place and/or people which is shaped to serve the desires and purposes of the political descendants of Karl Marx.”

What you believe influences what you do. Modern “documentaries” are made of film, digital video and your tax dollars, which are funneled through government agencies and “environmental” quasi-private organizations like the Sierra Club and the National Geographic Society (whose donors reduce their tax liabilities by donating). These “environmental” organizations once used the tools of science and observation to increase our knowledge of nature. Now, they are tools which are useful to the process of manipulating the American public in ways that serve the world socialist movement.

It’s an odd conspiracy, these days, because it’s done in the open, without apology.

Lies can be made of omitted truth

This particular documentary on the “documentary channel” is a perfect example of that. It “shows” the Pacific islands adjacent to Yap, slowly sinking beneath the sea because of “climate change.” If they are being slowly inundated — and they may or may not be — it is, indeed, a sad thing for those lovely people, some of whom I once called pals. Clearly, if it is happening, the rising sea levels that are causing it are due to water added to our oceans by melting glaciers. (Or by runoff that in the past would have gone to build the glaciers.)

The particular problem with this documentary is that while it did use the term “climate change,” it didn’t offer the reason for this problem.

My research on the subject has left me believing there have been at least ten previous Ice Ages similar to the last one, which ended perhaps 60,000 years ago. I am ignoring the “global snowball” events which took place far back in Earth’s history according to geologists. This essay has to do with the eleven (there may have been more) ice ages recorded by science after those global total freezes. All of these later events produced glaciers down to roughly the 45th parallels of latitude on the planet. (New York City’s Central Park has stone slabs with scratches made by pebbles beneath mile high ice sheets, and which scraped in those grooves. Here in Oregon, the glaciers of the last Ice Age ended somewhere relatively near Salem.

All of them were caused by global cooling (which the University of Leipzig recently said is what their research has identified for the past three or four hundred years on Earth. You read that right. They say the world is cooling, not heating up. Anyway, each of the eleven previous ice ages under discussion, here were the result of climate change for the cooler. The ocean levels began to drop. Eventually they were perhaps (just a guess of mine) forty feet lower than now. The Pacific islands near Yap were, in the end, double or triple their present size (As the tide goes out, you see more of the bottom. It was sometime adjacent to the higher glaciation levels, by the way, when there was a “land bridge” (actually an ice bridge) between Asia and Alaska.

Proof that this condition was a fact is available all around the planet, today. During each warming period (called glacial interstices) the water rose, again. We’re in a glacial interstice right now. From massive underwater stone structures near Japan to the remains of similar (once port) cities in the waters of the Middle-East, they are everywhere. The water goes up and the water goes down. Man likes to live near a beach. Another kind of proof is also available in the form of ancient port cities some distance from the sea. It all depends on which way things are going. Communities once on the edge of the waves can end up two miles from the sea. Archeologists have found cargo ship docks buried miles inland where the slopes are gentle rises.

So, at least eleven times that paleo-climatologists, geologists and archeologists have found, the glaciers have come and gone. Some time it was because the climate cooled. Sometimes it was because the climate warmed.

And of the eleven, the only one which occurred when the human race existed on Earth is the last one. Since there were no humans the other ten times we had global warming, I question the greenie insistence that Man’s activities are clearly the cause of these titanic events. The bulk of the evidence is to the contrary.

A documentary should not duck politically uncomfortable facts

The creator of this Pacific islander tragedy documentary bypassed the information, above. In the recent past, he would not have done this. The Left had to change “Man-caused global warming” into “climate change,” because via publications like this one, Oregon Magazine, and a rising number of similar conservative media outlets, the half of the facts such documentarians have in recent decades deleted from the story are now being presented to the public.

While the universities, even here in Oregon, still stuff your children and grandchildren’s heads with the half-truths of the Sixties, except in the old-media outlets, whose readers and audiences all wear Che t-shirts and occupy cities demanding free cell-phones, dwellings, food and tickets to rock and rap concerts, the early socialist environmental line is no longer accepted as fact by those with working brains.

The young are handy socialist dupes. That, I have read is what Stalin said. They only know what they have been taught by their teachers. But, when they go out into the real world, for some of them the day comes when they begin to see that some of what they have long believed is untrue.

I know a few scientists. When operating in their scientific discipline, they rigidly hold to the tenets of the profession. You may start out with an assumption known as an hypotheses, but that is just an opinion. A beginning place. A scientific position is formed by assembling all the information surrounding the topic, then using the data, known precepts of science and reason to create the final conclusion. However, when it comes to politics, they depart that room and go into another one where the mind begins with the final conclusion, then selects from the body of information those “facts” which support the original opinion, and call that idea truth. Most scientists I know are liberals, because if they don’t promote that political line, they won’t get a job in a university, or last long enough to get tenure after they do.

In this case, you don’t need intricate, arcane atmospheric measurements interpreted by blue-sky liberal “scientists.” Common sense works fine.

The fact is …

Man was not here for the other ten climate changes that caused the glaciers to melt and the sea levels to rise. (Or the glaciers to rebuild and the sea levels to drop.) The preponderance of historical evidence states that only invalid, opinionated science even vaguely indicates human industry is the cause of the present global warming on the planet. Even if there were examples of undisputed scientific evidence of Man-caused global warming, they would still have to deal with the ten (at least) meltbacks previous to the present one.

If, like oceanic large-scale current shifts off the west coast of South America (El Nina and El Nino) which bring periodic regional climate variations to American agricultural areas (the present drop in corn production), sea level variations presented in this Pacific island documentary are probably not cased by smokestacks and SUVs. Most likely, they are the results of long-term variations in, for example, the output of the sun. The film’s implied condemnation of modern civilization is so much horse crap.

What is happening in those islands is most likely the result of what the environmentalists consider holy writ: natural processes.

That term pretty much describes the history of Earth: 99% of the species that ever existed have gone extinct, volcanoes create and destroy, tectonic plates drift here and there (Australia will one day attach itself to the Pacific coast of the United States which will cause a change in oceanic current patterns that will turn the Sahara from a desert to an inland sea, etc., etc., etc.. If there is a single term which describes the planet over the long-term, it’s the word, “change.” Until the latest tick of Earth’s long clock, Man wasn’t even here and had nothing to do with any of it. Any effect the rise of technology he has authored since he came on the scene is visible only on the most local of scenes. Local smog or a dirty river. Hell, ask the million tourists who visited our Gulf states since the spill. BP did a fine job of cleanup there, but the rehabilitation there is due to more than their efforts. Nature had a big part in the cleanup, too.

Part of the reclamation was natural processes.

Opinion: technology isn’t the problem. It’s the solution. Natural forces made this a planet where the most lasting condition was change. The only tool our species has to deal with such titanic natural forces is the tool called the human brain. It gave us agriculture, so ongoing natural climate change (alteration of the availability of food and decent living conditions) in specific areas) could be dealt with.

The only long-term hope for man is Man. Unlike Nature, Man can be compassionate. If something is happening to them, the islanders should receive help. Shutting down the modern human activities that produce the financial support and technological abilities that will provide that help is pure stupidity.

Some final thoughts …

I knew when I saw my first hippie in the Sixties that they were idiots, and would survive only by way of support from the very technology they despised. But, then, children, often criticize the adults who house, feed and clothe them. I have been asked if I would like to be sixteen, again, only knowing what I know now. My response is always, no. The most important survival trait of teenagers — and the only reason why so many survive the experience — is stupidity. That characteristic somehow generates a surge of dumb luck.

(If technology develops the ability to reduce my age from the present 70 years to sixteen, if I retain my present level of knowledge about the world, how will I be able to drive a motorcycle at 120 mph? Only idiots get away with something like that.)

This documentary, like most modern documentaries, was produced by an idiot. All he succeeded in doing in the process was to convince some ancient friends of mine that they won’t survive without food stamps and government housing. The very people who invented long-distance oceanic human migration and adaptation have to go on welfare? What government subsistence did they have when they became the greatest open ocean navigators on the planet?

The help I’d give them is the truth about what’s happening. The last thing I’d do is try to meld them into some modern political system.

This is typical white American liberal racism, presented as compassion towards the simple, natural folks of the Pacific.. It’s like the coming 2012 American national election: 96% of our black population will vote for the candidates of the political party that defended slavery in the Civil War, and created Jim Crow after they lost it.

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