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Oregon’s Czar for All Seasons

By Art Hyland

Democrats were ecstatic in 2010 when they learned that ex-Governor Kitzhaber was still willing to run for office again.  No reason to vet someone with his liberal experience and history.  It was basically anyone but a Republican, something of a mantra in Oregon politics.  KitzaberBut it seems that Oregon has replicated the same mistake the voters did with the Presidency:  elect a Czar instead.  Chris Dudley, the governor’s opponent, remember him?  No matter what you might have thought of him, he would never have ok’d a Cover Oregon.  But I digress.

Governor K. , the Czar of Oregon

Czar Kitzhaber promised fabulous, (we’ll get to Smart later) Oregon healthcare; after all, he was a doctor at some point in his life.  Look what happened: a complete shambles, waste of huge amounts of money, killed or killing the private healthcare sector (other than cronies), gathered more power for Salem, no solutions to the problems except to make it worse by doubling down.  He says he’s appointed a committee to examine what went wrong.  Don’t we already know?  Big, centralized government does not work, cannot work.  This is the exact opposite of how economies of any size make progress.  I wouldn’t want a Republican to have the power and central control this man and his party have amassed.  No one should have it, period.  But with Democrats, it’s okay as long as they are the ones in power.  Czar NicholasExcept even Democrats in Oregon are having second thoughts.  Take a look at Clatsop County Democrats these days.  But then, they voted for this Czar and they’ll vote for another one with a different name next time as long as there’s a D next to it.

What do Czars and their minions do?

They frighten ordinary and extraordinary businesses.  Our state has lost about 17 major corporate headquarters; now there’s only one, Nike.  And they were seriously thinking of leaving too.  In 2012-13, Nike studied other busines-friendly states to possibly move its headquarters and its future growth because the business climate was and is terrible in Oregon.  But Czar K “saved” Nike from moving – – he cooked up a quick deal specifically for Nike, and Nike Chairman Phil Knight, an Oregonian patriot, agreed to stay.  Great, but why not make it special for ALL Oregon businesses? Wouldn’t that kind of business attitude spur businesses to start or come to Oregon?  Yes.  But Czar Kitzhaber doesn’t  know what businesses really are, unless they’re  big and important, and even then, it’s just a government tax source that’s too big to fail.

So, fresh from a victory saving Nike for Oregon tax revenue, Czar K, who, like his idol President Obama, eagerly bought into the concept of “totally transforming” his governing feifdom into a centralized power structure led by people like him who have no clue how to even run a business much less an economy, nor do they understand how this nation, its states and its citizens came to be the envy of the world.  He and his Democrat cronies want to share the wealth by directing economic decision-making because they truly believe only elite leaders like Gov. K and President O know the answers to society’s ills. So they appoint and empower bureaucrats to do what bureaucrats do: grow more powerful. Trust us, they say. So how’s all that working out?

One hundred Million+ dollars ($100,000,000) spent and lost on Cover Oregon’s so-called insurance exchange (but it’s just a tiny fraction of that spent on Obamacare’s dubious rollout so it’s not so bad really, actually), an amount promoted and checks signed by Czar Kitzhaber to ensure fulfillment of his pet “comprehensive” healthcare, whatever that means and whatever it takes.

Oregon trail card EBTOregon Trail CardWhat else is happening in Oregon?  Thousands of companies going out of business or leaving for other states; more and more dependency on Oregon government handouts.  Oregon Trail EBT card industry is booming.  As is unemployment.  Seems like all this might be connected somehow, but don’t ask Czar K to make the association.  He’s too busy running again for re-election (got that idea from Obama too).

But Wait, there’s Ginzu Energy

Czar K requires our utilities to utilize and develop expensive energy sources for all citizens to enjoy because his renewable energy pals forced the use of high-cost, premature renewable energy that simply cannot work without massive subsidies (and therefore higher electricity rates) aided and abetted by corrupt back room deals for investors of these debacles.  Corrupt to the point of changing the meaning of renewable.

Hydroelectric power – – you know, water power, the original renewable energy source before they even invented that term – – was specifically designated in law (by Democrats who rallied around Kitzhaber for governor) as NOT a renewable energy source because they wanted to push their favorite energy toys solar and wind power.  They have to play word games in order to make their energy choices appear appropriate (we’ll discuss Smart shortly).

Windmill on fire copy

Smart Energy

We used to have cheap electricity in the Northwest before Gov K and his Democrat wiz kid enviros f ‘d up our fabulous power system by Covering Oregon with “appropriate” solutions.  Remember the word Smart?  During campaigns especially, Democrats love to refer to their doing things smart: smart energy; smart cars; smart science, smart solutions etc etc.  Also, smart diplomacy (but that’s from their super Democrat pal Hillary but what the hell, let’s throw her in this mix because “what difference at this point does it make” anyway?).  To Democrats, everything they think of is Smart.  Just saying it’s Smart makes it so.  Politics is so simple when you use appropriate words to lead voters to the promised land.

Oh yes, and to help promote their costly energy ventures at Oregon citizen expense, they all needed to find a villain.  Let’s call the cheapest energy source available in the United States, and which produces substantial energy right here in the Northwest despite the hydro power dominance . . . let’s not just say coal is not Smart, but let’s say coal is Terrible.

Yes, our  Oregon czar and his pals hate coal because they hate coal. That’s about as sophisticated as it gets with these Cover Oregon politicians.

Cover Oregon with what:  BS in every form available and some no regular humans have ever seen.  But it’s Smart, people, it’s Smart.  Know that if nothing else.

But there’s more

Let’s not forget the smart decisions wasting the logging and fishing industries that once provided so much of the revenues Oregon needed and could still generate; Czar K is in the pocket of environmentalists rather than listening and acting on behalf of fishermen, loggers and foresters who have dedicated their lives and livelihood to their professions and the stewardship of their resources. Instead, of course, the czar listens to academics, environmentalists and other “progressive” demonstrators who have nothing but their private, save-the-world agendas, ever defaulting Oregon to a natural state somehow where hiking and experiences in nature are more important than earning a living.  We used to have lots of wage earners who camped, hiked and experienced nature as a needed but secondary desire, and were able to pay for these pleasures because they had jobs.

Let’s see, which political party forced all the above on us?  Two guesses.  Oh what difference does it make?  Vote Democrat.  It’s all about Smart Government.

P.S.  Check out what a governor from another small state CAN do, HAS done, and stands for: click here:  What Czar Kitzhaber could never be.

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