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Oregon Magazine: A statement of principles

If you build a car in your garage, you have a purpose for it in mind.  Off road, track racing, ice cream buggy for the park in summer, hauling yard waste to the dump.  

Oregon Magazine was built with a purpose as well:  a general interest monthly, covering a wide range of activities in the state from interesting people to arts to architecture to companies of interest to education, etc., etc.  It is one of the most elderly print publications in this state, although for now online only.  The current version, however, has evolved for a different focus:  while we include some of the general interest material, this incarnation is about politics.  It drifted this way because politics now dominates general interest subjects to the point where the very freedom to enjoy those pursuits is mortally threatened by the politics of stifling governments.

The conservative viewpoint is rare in Oregon.  It is a liberal viewpoint state.  We defend the former because we think Oregon media focus on the latter has had a deleterious effect on the population.

So, with references to historical events and logic, current events both here and beyond are analyzed by our staff.  What you have here is only “news” in that it uses what is happening as a starting point, and discusses such material from the viewpoint of history and theory from a not often heard perspective in these parts.

The Staff    




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