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Obama the Transparent …

By Larry Leonard

July 4, 2014 — Take a liar and stuff him in a frog suit.  Put him on national taxpayer funded television without a teleprompter.  What have you got?  The POTUS !!!  On the Fourth of July, too.
You recall, I assume, the Godlike being who golfs on the campaign trail, saying, “I will have the most transparent administration in history.”What a load of crap that was, and that man is.  Americans no longer deserve a country of their own.  The two thugs at the  black panther voting precinct should report to work at the FBI on the First of August, taking over all police functions in the nation.  They should have the right to rape your daughter and wife and mother, to kill your male relatives and to force you into picking cotton for a living in Mississippi for food and found.  (As a slave.)John WayneThe linked item above has to do with the only business specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution — a free press.  If they (your neighbors) won’t defend that they have no use for a free country, and thus noting to gain from freedom, of any kind.

I have seen people marching into crowds of armed men, demanding the right to use the same water fountain as a white man, but the students of America do nothing when the federal government attacks a journalist who wants to cover a story about hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are bringing lethal diseases and outrageous new costs for taxpayers into America?

Bill O’Reilly isn’t standing there defending that reporter against the government fascists attempting to hinder the coverage?

Enough is enough.  America will no longer fight for the reason we took on King George.  I thought the arrest and long incarceration of the maker of the anti-Islam video was shocking.  Freedom of speech was in that one.  But this one is freedom of very specific speech — that of the press.  The maximum time that should be left undefended is one square American second.

You will all get what you deserve for just glancing at this one and going back to the game on TV.  Study North Korea.  I hope you adjust well to life in an agricultural political re-education commune.  If I were Wyoming,  I would Secede this very afternoon.  A good day for it, the Fourth of July.


(Illus: John Wayne photo with the American flag

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