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Obama: Okay, Now It’s Free

Breaking News (AB News Service)

President Obama issued an executive order this morning which declares that all insurance premiums for health care in the United States shall now and hereafter be free.  He made this declaration after acknowledging there were just too many problems occurring with respect to the issues surrounding the implementation and payment for policies associated with the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  He noted that his decision comes during the Christmas season when so many are in need of additional resources. Obama and cig copy “It just seemed like the best thing to do,” he noted just before he and his family and friends embarked upon their annual vacation to Hawaii, the state where he was born according to an anonymous announcement placed in a weekly newspaper of record a few days or weeks after he was born somewhere else, according to undisclosed sources.

His statement indicates insurance premiums are free retroactive to January 16, 2009, when he was first inaugurated into office.  This part of the decision was a surprise, but a spokesman for the president said that Mr. Obama wanted to be sure to consider the needs of all the people, and not just those who have had recent difficulties with insurance premiums.

The ACA has been launched, many say, before having been proven to be ready for the big time, and critics have been swift to take advantage of this issue.  House Speaker John Boehner said he was certain this new executive order would never have passed Congress had the president called upon Congress to consider it.  When asked if Congress should attempt to override this decision, Boehner refused to comment.

He also would not comment on the speculation that the administration was working on an executive order to issue every registered voter $500,000 in cash upon completion of one year’s coverage using one of the qualified policies in the Insurance Exchange.  Boehner said he had not seen the details of such an order and would have to see more information in order to comment.  At press time, no further details were available.

Update:  Congress has recessed for the year; AB learned that the Administration has issued the order authorizing the cash payments, but only to qualified (Democrat) registered voters.  As more details emerge, we will report.

(Art Hyland, and the staff at Oregon Magazine and the AB News Service contributed to this report)

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