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November 7 Executive Order

By Larry Leonard

November 7, 2012 — Jesse Jackson and Arianna Huffington, objecting to last night’s election results, blocked the front door of the White House with a cadre of Black Panthers whose military uniforms displayed a shoulder patch similar to the flag carried by the Islamic hordes during the Middle Ages.

“This election was stolen,” Huffington told reporters.  “The evidence is that by requiring voter ID, the president only got 94% of the black vote.  None of the drug dealers who escaped jail that day were allowed to cast a ballot. We have video of Tea Party fascists duct taping all the pimps in south Chicago to the steering wheels of their pink Caddy convertibles so they couldn’t get to a voting booth, either.  Take out the pimps and the convicted felons, and who is left in that community of racial victims?”

Reports from the Sunset Strip in Lost Angeles indicate that somebody reversed the on and off ramp signs at the Sepulveda St. location, and half the African-American voters ended up trying to cast their ballot in Carmel, where Clint Eastwood refused to honor any ID card that was printed in Hip Hop or was signed by the president of Mexico.

Reacting to the Supreme Court’s rejection of a lawsuit out of Brooklyn which claimed that affirmative action laws made Romney’s election invalid because he’s white, the newest member of that body, an Hispanic, threw a taco at Clarence Thomas and called him an “uncle.”

In Congress, the black caucus demanded a recount and the introduction of soul food in school cafeterias, where children can be taught how to turn street tricks while singing rap lyrics about killing white cops with handguns stolen during home robberies in 1% neighborhoods.

Photos of the demonstration at the White House show AK47 barrels sticking out second floor windows.  These guns appear identical to ones seen in Fast and Furious evidence photos suppressed by the Obama Justice Dept.

(Associated Press report by stringer, J. Biden)

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