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No Heat Wave Way Down Under

By Larry Leonard

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded…

July 13, 2014 – The climate mystery to me is that so many in the sciences seem to have bought into the man-caused rising global temperature idea. Not that changes in overall climate do not occur. Rather, it’s the part of it where humans are blamed that I challenge.

Plate tectonics use vulcanism to lay waste to the land and generate years without a summer. Compare the diameter and output of a volcano to a vehicle tail pipe and you get an idea of my reasoning. I know of no causative listed by science for ice ages, except for discussions about the tilt of the planet’s orbit and the sun’s output, which varies. The ideas about such large-scale things as ice ages do not fit well with the greenie theories about climate, since there have been many ice ages and global warming periods, but Man existed on the planet only during the last one, and clearly had nothing to do with atmospherics that ended any of them.

Tectonics is about the long-term movement of land, not water.

Science, or the process of rational thought, brought the world out of the dark ages. It seems a shame to attribute a major climate event to human activity without a gigantic amount of proof of a clear nature. None of the Pacific islands predicted to be submerged in Carson’s Silent Spring book that started all this are under water. Some are a bit swampy, of course, but then tectonic activity changes the elevation of land masses, as every citizen of Switzerland knows. The Alps are land wrinkles created by tectonics.

I do not have the wisdom to grasp the reasons so many scientists seem to have aborted scientific method in this new century. But, clearly, the climate change premise can be challenged by reasonable people. For what it’s worth, I suspect politics as the villain, here. There is a natural leftist bent in university types, and the history of the Left is rich with examples of places where facts got in the way of the points they wanted to make.

It’s a crazy world, these days. There have been crazy times before. Perhaps we will survive the current renditions of climate rhetoric.

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