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New Jobs in Portland? The New Massa is the Government.

By Larry Leonard

September 30, 2012 — It is the Year of our Enviro-Laird, Obama the Munificent, who has just declared economic success in what in Chicago would be called the Hood. Why was it announced this week, and why is it physically located in N.E. Portland?

In Oregon, it’s easy being green.

All you need is a Hood

It’s about crony social justice capitalism like the famous Solyndra solar cell plant in California. Only, this one is not far away from what once was called Union Avenue in honor of the Republican war against Democrats that freed the slaves.

Its chances of long-term financial success are slim and none.

But, first, those of you who are a few years either side of college need some training for me to go on with this. I will set aside the point, here, the political point, and first provide a lexicon. A lexicon is a kind of linguistic guide. At its most basic level, it means: a dictionary of a specific type language. But it is not like, say, French … well, come to think of it, perhaps it is, in a way. I have in my seven decades of life noticed that people who speak French are frequently idiots. They always love “classic” operas like La Boheme

The Bohemians were an early form of Hippies. They spent a lot of time singing Bob Dylan songs and protesting things they didn’t understand. Mostly, these days, they are unhappy that the government doesn’t take money from people who earned it and give it to them. But, Karl Marx and the other early socialists found they could get a free army to take over a country by telling political fairy tales to these people who happily give away their freedom and so their future to live in a nanny state. As an aside, the irony there is that the government that replaced the monarchy was a monarchy, too.

There were bad condition for the common folks in centuries past. Eventually, what were called “humanist” movements arose to do something about those things. Unfortunately, Marx’s approach wasn’t one of them. It only looked good. It actually made things worse. No prosperous nation has ever been constructed from that philosophy of government. Every nation that has ever used it has gone or is going broke. Prosperity cannot exist without individual freedoms, period.

There’s a certain irony in black folks buying the socialist (American liberal) line of baloney. The principle religious tenet in socialism is anti-Christian hatred. There is no evidence of any other kind of religious freedom over time in any collectivist nation, but it is the Christians they despise the most. Why? It fosters the greatest personal and economic freedoms on the planet. It clearly provides the best framework for these freedoms and opportunities. The Black Christian Movement is one of the stronger movements in America. Martin Luther King was a preacher. Christianity was one of the deepest forces involved in the Sixties race freedom movement, here. The main street through Portland’s Hood is now named after Reverend King.

Nobody ever told you this? How amazing. It doesn’t make sense, you say? My goodness, how could it happen, then?

So, a lexicon:

Logging has a lexicon. Whistle Punk. Crummy. Spar Pole. Choker. Landing. Medicine has a lexicon. Marketing and advertising have a joint lexicon. “Market,” which used to mean “grocery store,” but to them now means “an identifiable group of potential customers” for a specific type of product or service.” These are the terms of the trade — words with insider meaning to people who follow that line of work. A lexicon can be a group of specific terms, or larger expressions which composes specific phrases that frequently appear within their philosophy. Politics is a trade, or profession. In the modern world, which is best described as an insane asylum where the patients are in charge of their own nut house, the Alice in Wonderland lexicon, is based on two types of lies — outright misinformation and the discarding of facts which do not serve a liberal political purpose.

When you hear a liberal using the term “investment,” it is political-speak — a lexicon-code word for “government spending.”

A direct lie, during this present election cycle, would be Obama’s claims concerning the employment situation. He says the unemployment numbers should include the jobs that would have been lost if he had not been president. Between Obama and Romney, only the latter can make such a claim. Bain Capital has a record that is verifiable. All the companies it saved from bankruptcy can be identified. The people who still work at those companies are direct evidence of saved jobs that didn’t cost a dime of taxpayer’s dollars. in Obama’s case there are two examples of saved jobs, two car manufacturers and government jobs — both of which cost billions of taxpayer dollars.

A lie of omission would be not describing the cost in jobs of his regulatory policies that have, for example, brought industries like oil, natural gas and coal to a standstill. Exploration and development are, except on private land, virtually frozen in place, and not growing with demand. That is why gasoline pump prices just set new all time records, going over five bucks a gallon south of Oregon. That is why this winter, you are in for some surprises in oil-based home heating regions when it gets cold. Add to this his failure to ever in public compare the per unit energy cost differences between green and old-school energy (the price of comparable units received for a given amount of money). In simple terms, this may be described as ignoring the fact that green power (solar cell or wind power, to name just two), is ten or twenty times more expensive to produce, and so purchase, than the older, established types of power generation.

Such facts do not serve the goals of the socialist environmental lexicon. Specifically, Obama doesn’t give a damn if you can’t afford the gasoline to get to where you have to go each day. What is important is that he doesn’t lose the deep support of the Green movement. They have a great deal of money to donate, some of which he took from your pockets and handed to them.

Now to this new “solar energy plant” in Oregon

Just based on similar manufacturing facilities financially supported by Obama and the socialists in the past three or four years, this company (which makes a very thin kind of solar panel film) will fail. It has in common with the other recent green technology American attempts the fact that the “investors” who have been handed the tax dollars here were donors to Obama’s campaigns. Some of them, as with Solyndra, may have been “bundlers,” or organizers of super-funding campaign cash groups.

The location of this new green energy firm is in N.E. Portland, where a great many of the voters are black. Teen-aged blacks have the highest unemployment rates. Their elders, also victims of high unemployment rates, voted for Obama’s first run for the presidency at rates above 96% — and here’s one of the keys — but of late have been showing less support in the polls. So, in this case,they are a critical voting target. He thinks they can be bought with this “investment”– can be bought with taxpayer dollars that will not come from his own campaign coffers.

I have been told that Oregon blacks are for sale, just like a new kind of slave. I refuse to believe that they prefer a life in bondage to frauds like this green energy company, or to government-dependency programs like welfare. I don’t think they find pride in holding their hands out, in watching their children lose their jobs in a few years when this boondoggle grinds to a halt. If, however, the union-based Oregon system of education has so undereducated these people, and they do pay for these things with their votes, then they will have gotten the government they deserve.

The polls inside the White House must be very different from the ones his national media have been reporting.

To those who read this, and are residents of that neighborhood, he has the statistics about his “green” expeditions. He knows why the private sector shuns these kinds of investments. Is your concept of a capitalist that of somebody who just loves making lots of money, and who turns down great financial opportunities? The way you get rich is by turning down big profit deals? Thus, Obama knows what is likely to happen to this new company. When even his pals like Phil Knight (NIKE), Bill Gates of Seattle and the late Steve Jobs didn’t jump in with their own money, he had the only fact he needed to know now and here isn’t the time and place to do something like this. But, it doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t give a damn — even about his loyal black fans. All that matters to him is that it doesn’t go under until after the election.

His loyalty is to one black American citizen — himself.

So, from a white man who was born in that section of Portland, and spent his early years there, a piece of advice. Unless you make your living as a thief, or enjoy a life of welfare dependency, do the right thing for your neighbors and your family, and vote for the Republican, this time.

What you need are long-term private sector jobs. To get those in a weak economy, vote for a man who has saved tens of thousands of jobs — not a lifelong socialist bureaucrat. If a strong Tea Party movement begins to rise in Oregon, vote for their candidates, as well. Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Obama’s stash is made of money stolen by taxation from your fellow Americans. He and your local Democrat politicians, use it to fatten their own personal bank accounts and for buying your votes. They couldn’t care less if that new Portland green energy company goes bankrupt the day after the election. Only a private investor who has his own fortune invested in such an operation has the fear and determination to sweat blood in a company and make it work.

It is cynicism the like of which I have not seen since the Democrat’s Jim Crow. You may be thinking of today, but tomorrow will be today very soon. What you need is more rich people, not fewer. More private investment, not more taxpayer dollars taken from the private economy and flushed down Failure Street.

I am always amazed when I see the people who one would suppose would most clearly point toward freedom throwing it away for a handout from the massa. You read that right. The massa here is the government. If you do what they say, they will throw you scraps from the government table.

You aren’t getting freedom from socialism. And, it isn’t the Republicans who are trying to put you in chains. The Democrats are trying to put everybody in chains.


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