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Netanyahu WINs. Polls wrong.

By Larry Leonard

March 2015 — The American mid-term election results surprised the mainstream media here.  The victory of the right was not celebrated by the icons of the Left, although the recent presentation of Hillary’s electronic mail problem by the New York Times could be taken as a sign of delayed recognition of something that actually happened — a major swing to the right by voters here.I doubt it out of habit.  I think the NYT telling the truth about this sort of thing is an unexpected twist in some sort of journalistic scam.  I have no evidence to support the theory, except for decades of leftwing propaganda by that fish wrapper.  But, the item was true.

So is Bibi’s win in Israel.

Benjamin NetanyahuThe polls were wrong.

The secret White House conspiracy to affect that election and dump him didn’t work.  That can be believed.  Nothing this White House does – –  except re-election lies – –  ever works.  The trillion-dollar economic spending boost?  Grants and tax breaks for crony capitalism?  Throwing away the victory in Iraq?  You can keep your own doctor?  Everything these boobs come up with is a bust.  Even if the polls say otherwise, it’s all a waste of time and money.  They’re there to help the middle class?  Shirley, you jest.

The question is, after Obama gives Iran the Bomb, and the mullahs wipe out their second most holy site, the Dome of the Rock beneath a mushroom cloud, will he blame it on Bush?  Or do the polls say they won’t drop the bomb?

As Obama’s World Turns.  It’s a soap opera.  We earned it by electing the idiot twice.

Hang on to your hats, folks.


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