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Mixing politics with a vacuum, NASA: A Global Warning

By Larry Leonard

 “So, Joe McCarthy was right, after all. Starting in Hollywood and sliming in a northerly direction, the Left Coast is rotting with the leprosy of the Left. Lenin has replaced Newton in these parts. Science has been subsumed by Collectivism.”  (LL)

Friday the Thirteenth, 2012 — The thing is, NASA declared for Man Caused Climate Change (the former Global Warming crap), and an old astronaut appeared on national television this AM, saying, “There is climate change, but no proof I have yet seen that Man caused it.”

With Euro-Socialists in charge of the White House and the Senate, that’s the final nail in his career coffin. But, that’s not my point, here.

What he should have said is, “There have been at least twenty Ice Aces over the last million or so years. All of them ended in warming periods called interstices. There is not one single piece of archeological evidence that SUV’s or smokestacks existed during any of the other ice-age-end periods. Not even a fossil of a Suzuki dirt bike has ever been dug up. This means that bike-jumping young idiot Evil Kneivel types did not exist in 256,000 B.C. Rap music lyrics from tribal areas have been dug up, but, no dirt bikes. Not one. Not even a helmet with a corporate karate logo swish.

To a Green place like Oregon, this is a disaster

Somebody at the Oregonian must be told to go out and plant one.

The Man-Caused thing needs evidence. Without it, and before a leftist government takes over the last honest news outlets left in the hills, how will spending trillions to support socialist environmental non-profits and college departments be sustained? The Tea Party types wouldn’t stand for it. They’d stand against it. Somebody in Oregon must go plant some evidence. Proof that at least the last twelve glacier-melting interstices came out of the crude stone smokestack of an ancient one-lump-a-day energy plant, somewhere. There’s a road repair rock quarry at the top of the coast range road to Tillamook. I once found a fossil clam shell with a fossil imprint of a little fern on it, there. My seventh grade teacher, Mr. Hart, at Barnes junior high school in Hillsboro donated it to the Oregon State University geology department. That’s what he told me, anyway.

But, the point here is that I know of a place that qualifies as an ancient archeological (perhaps even paleontological, if that is an actual word. Maybe it’s “archeo-paleo-ornathological-ithic.” Yes, followed by “site” there’s academic muscle in a descriptive of that size. You could earn an Indiana Jones Aussie hat and a bullwhip by getting graduate papers in a discipline that carried a moniker like that ( I once looked for an “astro knot” in my boy scout handbook.)

Eternal regression is an ongoing attempt to believe in Marx 

Science and Liberalism just don’t mix. The first assembles facts and then the opinion. Liberalism does that the other way around. The truth is, there were no motorcycle dirt track events x-thousand years ago during a previous global warming event which caused the glaciers on top of Salem, Oregon which were a mile deep, to melt off the state capitol, and release seven plagues of politicians upon the land. Yes, the Tea Parties and at least one astronaut were during the most recent glacial interstice, released to introduce the concept of evidence to the ancient hippies who now run our various governments and universities. Yes, this has been useless effort, since people who, lacking brains, could have survived late state abortions, are in charge of just about everything in the state.

But, though I here speak to millions holding their hands over their ears, their eyes tightly shut and their mouths saying, “LaLaLaLa — I can’t hear you,” — I say that the lack of evidence of SUV’s in geological strata you can see driving up your own Columbia River Gorge is proof that all the other Ice Age interstices happened without a single mechanical device or lug wrench being present. Not even filter-tip cigarette butts in evidence.

So, Joe McCarthy was right, after all. Starting in Hollywood and sliming in a northerly direction, the Left Coast is rotting with the leprosy of the Left. Lenin has replaced Newton in these parts. Science has been subsumed by Collectivism.

Your descendants will be pulling the cart instead of riding in it.

Just out of curiosity, did you know that the current Portland State University syllabus contains class offerings concerning training in how to mobilize a Euro-socialist (translation: Communist) takeover of the state? Instead of a Mayor, Portland would have a Commissar of Communist People’s Revolutionary Civic Affairs. We could locate the agricultural communes in Washington County.

Yes, Man Caused climate change must not be driven off course by actual science. The old astronaut who made those anti-socialist statements on FOX TV, should be strapped into the next 3-stage rocket launched from North Korea.

Talk about Man Caused volumes of hot air.


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