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Michigan Holiday Retro-Fashion: Blue Collars and Brown Shirts

By Larry Leonard

       December 11, 2012 — It’s “retro” because we have seen it before.  I’ve see it — in Pathe News at the movies, in film footage of them celebrating “kristalnact” by burning books.  Every beer hall had a local putsch and every Jew had an armband.  A joyous time for those who lived in the ghettos, including the annual train ride to grandma’s place and something cooking in the ovens.

The last time was in Wisconsin, when Captain Walker defeated the union Master-Blaster at the Thunder Dome by beating the recall by more votes than he gotin the original election.  Zillions of paid, bussed-in union protestors in the streets (this time) of Michigan with the symbolic raised fists of the pagan god “Soviet” chanting anger in Lansing, threatening the revenge of the people upon the ant-revolutionary forces of the enemies of the people.

Echoes of October Revolutions in the name of the People

      It was memories of the Sixties in Michigan’s state capitol, today.  I looked for Janis Joplin in my flat screen TV.  There, legs athwart that North Vietnamese cannon.  Is that Jane Fonda or just a cheap Japanese imitation?  In addition to the busts of Comrade Lenin and Trotsky, we see marching past chanting similes of Mao and Molotov.  Semi-lies?  Semi-truths.

It is amazing how they dig up the same corpse-men.  How many times, you ask, can they re-visit the same political Disneyland?  Will the children ever grow up?

In the Pasternak-Lean classic, after the Revolution Dr. Zhivago notices that the forced reallocation of resources (the personal life is dead) in winter Moscow makes a single sausage a holiday delight, along with boards stolen from a fence crackling on the holiday hearth.

Socialism is the redistribution of poverty

It is alive and well at the center of the American Labor Movement this very holiday season in, of all places, the home of the Iconic People’s Cars, the actual Big Three, itself.  You think of airplanes and you think of the Wright Brothers.  You think of structural steel for the rise of the skyscraper and you think of Carnegie and Bessemer.  You think of the Reagan Democrat, and you think of the cities by the great lakes.  Here, by force of arms and fists raised in the air, and the rhythmic stamping feet, do rise memories of members past — the thug’s hall of fame, the times of scabs entombed beneath fields of battle as the banners of the Union Left arise to establish equal poverty and unemployment across the heartland.

The sight on my screen, today, like a mirror reflects memories of the way we were in Russia, in Germany, in nation after nation, era after era, as the Left recreates its fantasyland about the source of economic national health.  It is always the same theme.  Robin Hood and workers of the world arise.  She is ideas from corpse-men named Vladimir and Adolf and Benito, echoing off urban canyons, and in the name of the people always ends up impoverishing the people and filling manufacturing and agricultural prison camps called communes with the bloodstained results of their bloody revolutions.

In America, when it pops up, we watch people who register themselves as Democrats demonstrate that they despise democracy by rioting against the selections of democratic elections.  Each time, it is like looking at garish lampoons made of paper and plastic in a circus parade.  Frozen happy faces of clowns marching in the streets.

“Stop the War on Workers” says the sign I see raised in the air.  It would be good for the economy if the unions took that advice, for once.


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