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Media Disrespects Blacks, Palestinians, Itself

By Art Hyland

“The free world’s liberal media is desperately holding on to its very existence, seeking energy wherever it can to sustain its power”

Gaza riots

Gaza riot

The degree to which a Black community in Ferguson, Missouri is shown to react by an enabling media to spontaneous conclusions about an event neither they nor the media could possibly have known at the moment, is in almost exact alignment with how Palestinians in Gaza are shown to react to spontaneous conclusions about events neither they nor the media could possibly have known at the moment.

Ferguson riot

Ferguson riot
Photo by Conservativetreehouse

A policeman shoots a citizen, a rocket explodes in a city, and both communities are shown to erupt by assigning the most egregious possibilities of what happened without waiting to figure out what actually did happen.

Why do most of the media hold Black or Palestinian communities with such disregard and disrespect that they are willing to promote instantaneous, but wholly ignorant judgments of events?  A person is killed, a community is bombed, which apparently justifies publishing one side’s judgment before facts are known.  This is the 21st Century’s “yellow journalism” on parade.  And Black and Palestinian communities (or those parts shown by the media) go wild in response because they have been given the weight of outside confirmation.

Leaving aside for the moment the so-called racial leadership in America, can general ignorance of human causation explain certain community mass reactions, or is it simply and plainly a culture of dependence upon others for everything they think, do, want or act upon that renders many in a community to automatically look to ‘the man’ rather than to themselves as the problem?

White, Asian and other racial communities are also capable of feeling and living in despair, if that is what this is, yet they don’t rape their village stores or claim genocide without caring to determine details of events no one could possibly know at the moment.  Did Tea Party millions burn and loot their neighborhoods when the ever-powerful IRS was shown to have purposely trampled on their rights?  Perhaps they should have since it is clear that mob violence is apparently a reasonable form of response according to the alphabet media and our federal Department of Justice.

Apparently emotion trumps reason in certain “poor” communities but not others, and leaders of the emotional ones know this and take full advantage of instantaneous, mob judgment mentality.  And the emotion-based liberal media follows suit while ignoring poor but reserved communities since no headlines can be generated there.

Tea Party riot

Tea Party riot

What’s more bizarre, these same media who tacitly accept the violence in one venue will declare that Tea Party types are dangerous in another, despite millions having been incredibly peaceful by comparison.

With information technology as comprehensive and available in such short time periods, as it has evolved with the public having more and more access to communications and video devices at their disposal along with extensive law enforcement resources capable of exposing facts from all angles, there is no excuse for mainstream media to allow emotion to dominate its coverage of events as it has in Ferguson and Gaza.

But there is an explanation.  Power.  Progressive, liberal power.  Power to control and retain control, which is why so many progressives (anti-capitalist, secular, LBGTXYZ, etc) are willing and even anxious to help promote the emotional over the rational.  In Black America, it’s the grievance industry; in Gaza, it’s the terrorist Hamas.  And in all spheres, it’s a liberal, enabling media, eager to cover, champion, and even advocate in order to help inflame events to the headlines they worship.

Black and Palestinian communities are losing their chance to elevate their status (for other than victimization) because actions by a few are covered as if actions by all.  Their communities are systematically raped by a liberal media willing and able to sustain their callous attitude toward their communities by deciding there’s no gain in covering them objectively or expecting them capable, self-reliant, competent or levelheaded.  So they cover them as if they are animals who don’t know better, and like animals, they feel so sorry for them they do everything but pet them on camera.

President Obama, elected as president in part because enough cross-over voters thought his election would bring all communities together, has instead encouraged a tribalization of America, rekindling racial animus, while his many liberal friends in media fan the flames.  It’s a vicious cycle that must be squelched before this nation can return to the purpose for which it was formed:  to allow its citizens to live free with a citizen-controlled, limited government, while a free press holds the powerful, including themselves, open and transparent.  A real leader, a George Washington, did and still can bring us together as the one nation, under God that we know still exists if we believe our own eyes instead of using the lens of selfish manipulators.


The free world’s liberal media is desperately holding on to its very existence, seeking energy wherever it can to sustain its power in a technological age that has diluted their historic monopoly hold on information.  It’s all threatened by a public becoming gradually more able to see for themselves, often in real-time, what actually is happening without relying on media interpretation or manipulation.  The knowledge by the media and its correspondents that they can be so easily scooped by each other and by the public itself has motivated them to become emotional rather than the rational when reporting events.  As a result, their prejudiced reporting is trumping events they historically once covered objectively.  Instead of educating the public about what is happening, liberal media uses communities as props to promote themselves.  They are promoting rather than distributing information to the public.  It’s an old tradition but a brand new problem the media can’t fix; what’s different now vs. when yellow journalism was invented is that the public is now quite capable of ignoring them.  No one likes to be ignored, especially the media.

When you disrespect yourself and your customers, you deserve to be ignored.

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