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Lincoln Meets Obama… A Literary Tour de Force

by Fred Delkin

“No man is entitled to take wealth from another and give it to a third party simply because he deems it to be just”…Abraham Lincoln.

These words were uttered by our 16th President 150 years ago and are a timely reference to a current President’s goal, and written in a 2012 publication “What Would Lincoln Say?” just issued by Courage Crafters Publishing and written by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz.  This novel falls within the science fiction genre, but is frightenly current in its setting.

The time is now and Honest Abe time travels to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to assess, and hopefully change, the mind of today’s resident.  It is an extraordinary meeting interwoven with a secret service subplot.  The outcome carries a ‘twist’ no reader will see coming.

This 128-page read is brief, but absorbing and memorable.  Perhaps the peripatetic presidential nominee Newt Gingrich had it right when he recently declared “the 2012 election is the most important since 1860.”   Scarcely a soul alive today could disagree that Lincoln is arguably America’s greatest President, a Republican who carried our Constitution’s survival through a Civil War whose casualties far outnumber any conflict involving the United States before or since.

“What Would Lincoln Say?” includes a two page anthology of Lincoln quotes that behoove every American’s attention.  A website, www.WhatWouldLincoln Say.com carries a list of no less than 701 personages who rate as “champions of Capitalism & the U. S. Constitution.”  However, the book in question is no mere political diatribe.  It is a well-crafted work of suspenseful fiction that, no matter your political persuasion, will entertain and resonate.

This book is dedicated “To America’s next Abraham Lincoln: whoever you are, wherever you are, hurry up!  The country needs you, and we need you now!”

Amen, citizens, and you can order this title on line from Amazon.

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