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Jurassic Park in Our Midst

By Art Hyland 

How to fix Detroit, suggestion No. 6

No. 6:  You’ve seen the devastation.  Detroit.  The roaming dogs, the feral cats, the empty buildings, broken glass, used needles, garbage…  It’s a mess, right?  No!  It’s a perfect setting for a theme park.  And it’s authentic.  It’s real.  It’s a Reality Show you can experience for yourself in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.  Here’s the concept.  Crowd source this:

Quickly surround the entire city including what inhabitants still remain with a twenty-foot electric fence, let loose random herds of wild animals to keep the weeds down and to control the weed eaters, and turn it into a Democrat Theme Park.  No need for any new construction.  Set up a couple of large gates North and South (probably have to seal the tunnel), along with a string of ticket booths to handle the crowds, and purchase a fleet of Armored Personnel Carriers with thick glass sightseeing windows.

 And wah-la, you have an income stream of unlimited revenue.

We’re open for many more ideas in this free contest to see what can be done with a Democrat disaster zone.  They always said that it was going to be a Model City, and so it will become.  Let’s Roll.  Bring watermelons.

Perhaps some of the previous city mayors could be hired as APC drivers; they wouldn’t need a script to explain the surroundings to the fascinated tourists from Japan, North Dakota and Texas.

Contest closes in three days, so get your suggestions in while you still have time.

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