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It Snows Most Summers in Norway, now.

By Larry Leonard 

Scandal of fiddled global warming data…
USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s,

  the hottest decade on record…

President Warns of ‘Hurricane Intensity’
  Despite 8-Year Hiatus…

Australian PM introduces bill to
  repeal carbon tax…

Time Travel Simulated
  by Australian Physicists…

June 23, 2014 — A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit offshore Alaska, today.  Here’s the tsunami map prediction.

That’s the West Coast on the right.  So, Global Warming is a fraud, carbon taxes are a scam, hurricanes aren’t getting more frequent and time travel is possible.  I’m off to 1960, myself.  It was a very good year.  The trout in the East Fork were fat and jobs were easy to find.  People who didn’t bother to get one were often hungry.  A very good year, indeed.

How do you like the current world, in comparison?

I wonder about this current world, myself.

Everybody seems pissed about something.  The Middle-East is a bucket of dangerous people going along cutting off the heads of their neighbors.  Somebody just threatened to nuke Israel, which just sent airplanes off to strafe somebody who shot a teen ager walking along a border road.  Hillary’s book (written by guest authors) lasted a week at number two, which is not without irony.  The Supreme Court did and didn’t give the EPA the right to make up laws of their own.  Rock and Roll is in the hands of plastic toy dolls.  Juan Williams doesn’t like the use of American air power on the butchering armies traversing the dunes.

Yes, I’ll go to 1960.  It was a time on the verge of correcting long term mal-treatment of minorities, Jack Kennedy was sending us to the moon and there were jobs.


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